How To Get Rid Of Dust With A Pool Noodle

If you own a feather duster with one of those long handles, you may believe that you are removing allergens and dust from your home as well as any unsightly cobwebs. Unfortunately, it’s possible that all you’re doing is moving dust around your house. On the other hand, vacuuming can remove all dust from surfaces, and you can vacuum these difficult-to-reach places in your house with the help of this amazing TikTok trick.

If you require more length, remove the motorized brush head from the pool noodle and attach it to your stick vacuum along with the metal tube. But be aware that it might be challenging to attach if the metal tube is the same width as your pool noodle’s opening. If so, work to secure the pool noodle in place using your long crevice tool once more. It’s possible that the outside of your pool noodle collects cobwebs. When you go from one high, dusty corner of your house to the next, just wipe it clean if it does.

Although the pool noodle is seen being connected to a handheld vacuum in this specific TikTok video, you can use this trick in a few different ways. For instance, you can use just the handheld part of a stick vacuum to remove the motorized brush head and metal tube. Use the long crevice tool to connect your pool noodle to your vacuum in order to remove bothersome cobwebs.

As shown by TikTok user Ken, to begin, fasten a pool noodle to the end of your vacuum. c. long in his clip. However, before using it as a vacuum attachment, make sure to trim your hollow pool noodle down quite a bit to ensure proper suction. Remember that this trick requires the pool noodle to be connected to something rigid, so avoid connecting it to a flexible vacuum hose.

A spider leaves behind silky threads that eventually become the dusty cobwebs you see in horror films when it departs your house or a specific room. These threads get clogged with dirt and debris, giving rise to inelastic, spindly strands that appear to dance in your home’s high corners. These cobwebs enlarge with time as more dust gathers, particularly if you neglect to clean them for months at a time. Fortunately, you can permanently remove ugly cobwebs from your home by attaching a pool noodle to your vacuum.

1. Stop Doors from Slamming Shut

When we open our windows to welcome the cool summer breeze, our doors tend to catch the momentum of the breeze and either slam shut or close quickly. To prevent small children and pets from becoming stuck when a door unexpectedly closes, a pool noodle is an easy solution. Just a foot of the pool noodle will do; the rest is not necessary. To create a door bumper, just cut it open on one side with a serrated knife so that you can slide it over the edge of the open door. Now, instead of slamming shut with a loud noise, the door will just bounce off the frame when a gust of wind blows through the room.

4. Set the Mood

Nothing is more pleasant on a sweltering summer day than relaxing by a swimming pool. However, the pool noodle has a few more practical tips to share even in its natural habitat. Cut the ends of pool noodles into five-inch-wide slices, then attach them to the bottom of a plastic tray—ideally one with a tropical theme—using waterproof glue. You’ve just finished setting up a floating table for your elegant summertime snack or drink. Want to add a touch of romance? Cut off a few more slices of your pool noodle that are a few inches wide, then glue battery-operated tea lights into the opening. These tiny floating candles are ideal for a nighttime party and will really set the tone.

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