How To Make A Christmas Wreath With Pool Noodle

Here’s what I used

2 pool noodles Kitchen knifeStrong adhesive tape (I used carpet tape because it was on sale!) Baubles … so .. many … baubles!! (I recommend hitting the sales, charity shops, or check out Facebook Market Place for bargains – that’s where I got mine!)Hot glue

how to make your pool noodle Christmas wreath

First things first: the goal was to tape two pool noodles together to form a huge circle base. Turns out that was a little too ambitious . In actuality, it was a little too large for the location it was going.

How To Make A Christmas Wreath With Pool Noodle

To make the noodles the proper size for our fireplace, I therefore chopped off a few tiny pieces from each one.

How To Make A Christmas Wreath With Pool Noodle

I then simply taped the two halves together to form a large circle. (In actuality, it was somewhat oval, but as I worked on it, it set into a circle by being pushed into the proper shape while I was gluing. ).

It was then time to warm up the glue gun and prepare a cup of tea!

How To Make A Christmas Wreath With Pool Noodle

Although there are probably other ways to approach this project, I began by focusing on the inside of the circle.

When you go to glue it down, remove the baubles’ caps (sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this part!) and make sure the top touches the pool noodle.

I used a kitchen knife to make a tiny cut to fit the top of the ornament into the opening, and then I covered the ornament with a generous amount of hot glue to secure it to the noodle. Note that depending on how hot your glue gun is, applying hot glue directly to the pool noodle could cause it to melt.

I also attached each bauble to the other with a tiny bit of hot glue on the side for added stability and grip. Complete the inside.

Continue in the same manner around the outside until the entire circle is filled.

How To Make A Christmas Wreath With Pool Noodle

I then joined the bigger and smaller circles with tape to create a single frame. You could continue and add a third inner layer if you’d like a thicker wreath!

When it’s time to hang your wreath, cut a few more long enough pieces of wire and twist a tiny loop into the center of the wire (this loop is what you’ll hang on your nail on the wall). For this section, use a wire that is fairly thick to prevent the weight of the wreath from tearing the tie after it is hung.

P. S. Can you tell that I was working on two different projects at once from the paint on my hands?

Since I added a lot of ornaments, I hung mine with a top and bottom wire and then added two more in the 2:00 and 10:00 positions. To determine where the other nails should be hung for the other spots, I found it useful to hang the top nail and have someone else hold it in place.

In relation to organizing, you can view all of our advice on how to arrange and store your Christmas decorations expertly here! Do you think you’ve ever included pool noodles into your holiday décor? xo Laura.

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