How To Make A Jailhouse Burrito With Ramen Noodles

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I suppose the hot Cheetos and the buffalo Doritos caused it to turn a much brighter shade. It still contained some ramen that hadn’t been completely ground up. However, I cooked it myself because I wanted to try for a more genuine, rustic vibe. I think the ramen is meant to simulate rice. Some folks don’t use ramen at all. I may try it without next time.

I once read a book where the protagonist, a prisoner in a mental health facility, had a girlfriend who made dinner for her every night. Her girl’s burritos, which were reportedly the best in the jail, were one of the foods she mentioned. But I always envisioned them as, you know, real burritos. Next, I discovered a YouTube video that went over the actual details of prison burritos, also referred to as Dorito burritos. For this recipe, I chose the following:

I then chopped and added beef sticks to the bag, mashing everything together and, following the advice of my YouTube instructor A1 Yola, “burping the bag” to release the air.

In summary, I may try making this again, but with less greasy ingredients, for a healthier version. Something tells me that Cheetos were also heavily involved in the grease. (Now if I could get my hands on some baked Doritos, that would be fantastic!) The ramen was ok, but I wouldn’t mind trying it without to see how it tastes. After all, technically speaking, this is more of a tamale than a burrito. Since I’m outside, I might also become even more insane. Inmates are forced to make due with what they have because there aren’t many wholesome options available to them. Perhaps I could top it with some real cheese or salsa. Although it won’t be a true jailhouse burrito in that sense, I think it might still be quite delicious! ❤️

To be honest, I think it would be better without the beef stick. The chewy parts both increased the greasy content of the burrito and annoyed me. It’s best to serve them as an appetizer or on the side.

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