How To Make A Lightsaber Out Of Pool Noodles

DIY Pool Noodle LightSaber

Bring the kids along because we’re going to make DIY pool noodle lightsabers that are way more entertaining than video games if you have any leftover (and well-used) pool noodles!

My family loves the Star Wars universe. We adore the Mandalorian, of course, and we regularly watch Star Wars marathons. Therefore, making your own pool noodle lightsaber in various colors is a great idea for the whole family. Your young Star Wars fans will engage in entertaining and safe combat with one another.

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Supplies Needed to Make Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Using a serrated knife, cut your pool noodles to length. I made my lightsabers 33″ long. Simple Steps to Make a Single-bladed Lightsaber.

Apply duct tape to one end of each pool noodle, one strip at a time. Put a strip there, cut it, and then gently fold the next strip over the previous one. Continue this process with six strips of duct tape.

Add the black electrical tape strips. You will make 3 strips of black tape. My strips were about an inch apart. This does not have to be exact.

Attach a pair of brief electrical tape segments towards the swim noodle’s base. These were vertical and roughly 1 3/4 inches long to complement the hilt style.

Make these as party favors or for fun at home. Also fun to make and give as gifts!.

After applying gray duct tape to the hilt, you can use black and red duct tape to add details like buttons and lines.

Try using a baby wipe to clean your scissor blades if you’re having problems cutting through the sticky duct tape—it really works!

Create some lightsabers out of pool noodles! Your little Jedis will love this simple project!

Then decorate the lightsaber hilt with duct tape. It is most effective to begin by taping off the end. Wrap two strips over the end. The neatness of the ends is irrelevant because you will conceal that anyhow.

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