How To Make Cold Sesame Noodles With Peanut Sauce

Can this be eaten warm?

Although it can be eaten warm, this dish tastes best when it’s chilled or served cold!

A little back story on my cold spicy peanut sesame noodles recipe

My mother used to make the most amazing lunches for my brother and me when we were in elementary school.

By coolest, I mean, it was always unique and diversified.

My mother would go above and beyond to make sure our lunches were interesting so we wouldn’t grow bored of them, even though we didn’t have peanut butter and jelly.

On certain days, we would have fried rice, sushi, or even a fried egg sandwich for lunch.

How To Make Cold Sesame Noodles With Peanut Sauce

My mother was an extremely skilled chef when it came to making lunches.

Cold peanut noodles were one of my favorite things my mom used to make for us.

The noodles were addictive because of something about the combination of the creamy peanut butter and the ice cold noodles.

This recipe for cold, spicy peanut sesame noodles is a nod to the traditional peanut noodles she used to make for us.

How To Make Cold Sesame Noodles With Peanut Sauce

Even though this version is much hotter, it’s still delicious. Jason and I used to frequently sneak into the refrigerator to have some noodles. They didn’t last us long at all.

It’s incredibly simple to prepare and ideal for school lunches since you don’t have to worry about the lunch’s refrigeration. It’s best to eat it cold/room temperature! :).

These cold, spicy peanut sesame noodles have an irresistible sauce that truly elevates the dish!

Let’s begin by discussing some frequently asked questions about these chilly, spicy peanut sesame noodles!

Step 3: Stir Together

The last step is to combine the hot noodles with the sauce mixture, chopped green onions, and minced peanuts. To make a light sauce, drizzle in the hot pasta cooking water. Start with a few Tablespoons and add more until the sauce has the consistency you want.

That’s all she wrote! Spoon the noodles with sesame peanut sauce into bowls, then garnish with extra minced peanuts and green onions, as well as some fresh lime wedges and cilantro leaves, if using. SO GOOD. I sincerely hope you enjoy this easy and delectable recipe.

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