How To Make Crispy Noodles In Air Fryer

This Recipe of Air Fryer Noodles

  • We can make this recipe really quickly. The only time that is involved is the time needed to air fry and boil the noodles. Rest is just to dry out the noodles a little.
  • Since these noodles are used in so many other recipes, I don’t season them. While adding pepper or sichuan peppers to the water will work, the noodles won’t taste very good.
  • Comes together easily and well when worked in batches. Do not overcrowd the air fryer with noodles. They will stick to each other and become a mess.
  • In order to absorb moisture, the traditional deep-frying recipe calls for coating the noodles in corn starch. But in my experience, the coating doesn’t cook through and stays as a white, unpleasant-to-eat layer on top. So skip that step for the air fryer.

How To Make Crispy Noodles In Air Fryer

Noodles: The starting point of the recipe is noodles. I like to use these noodles for the recipe. They work wonderfully for this air fryer noodle recipe and beyond.

If not this particular brand, search for medium-thick noodles. Noodles that are extremely thin or flat will either burn or fry unevenly.

Water: We cook the noodles in water because we have to boil them first before air-frying them.

Salt: We use salt to season the noodles. Aside from that, the recipe calls for no additional seasoning. There is no need to season these noodles because they will be used in other recipes.

Air Fryer Pasta Chips

This crunchy pasta has a strong garlic parmesan flavor in every bite, and I have to warn you—it is addicting! It is very easy to make and would be a great snack to grab and go and munch on throughout the day. Yes, the pasta chips taste great dipped in garlic or marinara sauce, but I also really enjoyed them without any sauce!

How To Make Crispy Noodles In Air Fryer

How to Make Air Fryer Pasta Chips

Preheat the air fryer to 400°F and cook the pasta noodles until they are al dente before beginning to make this appetizer. Once the noodles are cooked and drained, transfer them to a bowl and coat them with a tablespoon of oil. Toss to coat.

Next, arrange a single layer of noodles in the air fryer’s basket or rack. To prevent the pasta from overlapping, you might need to work in batches, depending on how big your air fryer is.

Noodles should be air-fried for 8 to 10 minutes, or until golden brown. Transfer the pasta chips to a bowl. Put the remaining oil, garlic, salt, and pepper in a different bowl. Mix well and pour this mixture over the air-fried noodles. Add some parmesan cheese on top and serve with your preferred dipping sauce, such as homemade garlic sauce or marinara sauce.

How To Make Crispy Noodles In Air Fryer

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