How To Make Flowers Out Of Pool Noodles

You can find vintage floral arrangements in vases, wreaths, and centerpieces at thrift stores. The floral foam that holds the flowers together may have small holes or other damage even though the flowers themselves may still be in excellent condition. You can recycle those fake flowers into a gorgeous new arrangement of almost any size by using a pool noodle, and you can throw away the outdated foam.

Let’s be honest: making a fake floral arrangement can get pricey. The silk or dried flowers and the vase or other container are obviously quite expensive, but you can always reuse those items when you want to try new things or switch up your decor for the different seasons. However, the floral foam that keeps the stems tall is frequently not reusable. Your floral foam shouldn’t be used again if it was used in a live arrangement because it might have been soaked or contain plant debris. Although floral foam isn’t very costly, bouquet makers are aware that the expenses can quickly mount up. Instead, try using bits of cheap pool noodles to make a flower arrangement. Cut up the pool noodle, put it in the bottom of your vase or container, and insert your fake flower stems into the material to finish this hack. You might never want to buy floral foam again if you start using pool noodles in your faux floral arrangements.

To attempt creating a lovely pool noodle arrangement with silk or dried flowers, you will need to collect the desired plants and a container to hold them all. To trim the flower stems’ wire, you might also need pliers. Pool noodles should be cut with kitchen shears, a bread knife, or similar tools to fit your container. You can fill the area creatively by cutting pool noodles vertically, horizontally, through the middle, or at angles. Then, just slide the wired stems of your silk flowers and greenery into the noodle foam until your desired look is achieved. Its really just that easy.

To ensure that the pool noodle is hidden, the container you use must obviously be opaque, but almost any size container will do. For a gorgeous entryway display, wedge the majority of the noodle into the neck of a large standing vase. Alternatively, cut off small pieces of the noodle and use tiny silk flowers to create lovely mini place settings in bud vases. The long flora’s stems can aid in stabilizing the noodle by securing it in place. Additionally, you don’t even need a container at all as long as you completely cover the noodle. Alternatively, you could make a freestanding bouquet of flowers to adorn your dining room table or mantel with charming d├ęcor.

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