How To Make Green Noodles With Food Coloring

How To Make St Patrick’s Day Green Pasta:

Items needed: large pot, pasta, green food coloring and water

Add enough water to the pot to accommodate the amount of pasta you are making. Get water boiling and add pasta. Cook according to package directions. Add 6–8 food coloring drops for a small batch of pasta and 12–14 drops for a large batch halfway through the cooking time (adjust to get the coloring you want) Drain pasta and serve right away.

⭐ Why you’ll love this recipe

These spaghetti noodles are totally taste safe. They are just food coloring and spaghetti.

There are so many fun ways to use these noodles. Utilize them for sensory bins, to liven up dinner, or even for practicing scissor skills with safety scissors.

It’s also a lot of fun to dye this spaghetti a different color for a holiday, like Valentine’s Day or Halloween, which are orange and black.

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How To Make Green Noodles With Food Coloring

Cook the pasta per the package’s instructions (1) Leave the pasta a little firm. I took mine off about one minute early. This helps the pasta withstand the dying process.

Prepare several bowls (or large Ziplock bags). Pour two tablespoons of water into each bag or bowl, followed by ten to twelve drops of food coloring. To prevent the dye from staining dark bowls, I suggest using them.

After the pasta is cooked, use a colander to remove any excess water. Toss the pasta with the food coloring using tongs (2) Mix well ( 3).

Let the pasta sit for about five minutes. After that, transfer the pasta to the colander and rinse it with cold water. Transfer to your sensory bin or a dark bowl.

Let the pasta sit in your refrigerator for one hour. Your hands might get stained if you don’t let the pasta dry completely.

Pat the spaghetti with a paper towel to ensure it is completely dry. You can proceed if no color comes off!

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