How To Make Horses Out Of Pool Noodles

Pool Noodle Stick Horse Supplies

Here’s what you will need to make these horses:

How to Make a Pool Noodle Stick Horse

To create a horse, simply follow these steps! Continue until the desired amount is created. Have fun with different color combinations!.

1. Fold the top quarter of the pool noodle down as indicated below. Tie the top firmly to the remainder of the noodle using a length of twine, ribbon, or yarn.

2. Draw two rounded-edge triangle shapes on a piece of felt. Draw two smaller rounded-edge triangles on a different color felt. These are the ears and the inside of the ears.

3. Cut out the ears, then attach a tiny triangle to each bigger triangle using glue.

4. Glue the ears to the pool noodle. Apply adhesive to the rear of every ear’s bottom and grasp the upper edges of the pool noodle, as demonstrated below, for a brief period of time until the earbuds adhere to the noodle independently. Try not to bump the ears while they are drying.

5. Attach a googly eye to each side of the “face” made of pool noodles. ”.

6. Trace 2 small circles on felt. These circles are somewhat smaller than the googly eyes that I made. These circles are the horse’s nostrils. Cut out the circles, then adhere one to the horse head’s side with glue.

As I was searching for creative farm party favors for the party I stumbled upon this tutorial on Pinterest for pool noodle stick horses.

Yeehaw! You’re done! So easy…. However, while I was making all of these the previous evening, I kind of felt like this at times.

To make reins the length you want, bend the noodle, thread rope or jute through the mouth slit, and tie.

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Despite my procrastination, the kids loved these, they were incredibly easy to make, and they only cost about $2 each!

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