How To Make Knorr Noodles Masala At Home

With this powder, you can add taste to your noodles without sacrificing your health. You can also use it to flavor paneer or vegetable dishes. Who knows, maybe this will solve every issue with your picky eater!

We know that most kids are fans of instant noodles. Some of them enjoy it so much that they can eat it nearly every day, but the processed refined flour noodles, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and preservatives in the taste maker (masala powder) worry a lot of mothers like me. The issue of the taste maker persists even when we use multigrain or organic whole wheat noodles. That’s what made me wonder: what if we could make noodles masala at home? The outcome is this simple homemade DIY noodles masala recipe that’s perfect for kids to enjoy!

That is temper and sautee onion and make it. When I would leave for my hostel in the morning, she would prepare it and pack it, along with lunch, so that I could eat it before class. It used to be divine. Never ate maggie as such, it is always upma version. But Aj doesnt like anything in his noodle. Just plain one. When the controversy surrounding its potentially harmful ingredient surfaced, he somehow stopped eating it.

A quick and simple recipe for noodles masala that includes an easy shortcut Homemade noodles masala using sambar powder. Can be used in other dishes too.

I have used my sambar powder I use ineveryday cooking. However, store-bought sambar powders (Aachi or Sakthi work well) and Indian curry powder from the grocery store can also be used to make the same.

Making bajji, pakora, and other fritters, dal, parathas, and masala upmas with this masala powder Give it to your children as a substitute for instant noodles in upmas (semiya upma, millet semiya upmas); they will adore it!

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy instant noodles? I have many happy memories of them. I didn’t start eating until after I moved into a hostel. Amma bought it from a nearby store, and it was the first time I didn’t like it. I find that I dislike a lot of new foods when I first try them, including pizza, but eventually I grow to love it. My mother cooks the same as any other upma, but I adore it.

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