How To Make Korean Ramen Noodles From Scratch

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  • Korean ramen
  • Other English name(s): instant noodles
  • Korean name: 라면
  • Romanized: Ramyeon
  • Also Romanized as: ramyun, ramyeun

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This is not dressed up instant noodles

There’s a whole ramen hack movement these days. Strangely addictive hacks. Like some sort of noodle drug. It’s huge for a reason. But this is not that.

It also has nothing to do with how it’s done in Korea. Korea is the OG of ramen hacks.

And they are really good at it. So good they have Ramyeon restaurants that specialize in it.

This has nothing to do with instant noodles. This is more akin to traditional Japanese ramen with Korean flavors.

Not full-bore Japanese tonkotsu ramen though. That takes a day to make. At least. It’s epic. This is simplified. You can make Korean ramen in an hour.

That’s the great thing about adding big Korean tastes. It eliminates the necessity of preparing those delicate Japanese flavors.

Those nuances take real work. Not weeknight dinner material.

One thing I’m pondering though. What would happen if I added gochujang to my tonkatsu ramen broth?

It would be off the scale. Pretty sure about that. However, I would have to give up some of my priceless tonkatsu ramen broth. My all day broth.

This Korean ramen is already really good. So I haven’t pulled the trigger. Not yet.

How To Make Korean Ramen Noodles From Scratch

Korean ramen – it’s a food trend waiting to happen

This style Korean ramen doesn’t exist in Korea. There’s no such thing as traditional Korean ramen.

Korean ramyeon is all about the instant. The Japanese invented instant ramen. However, the Koreans grabbed the ball and took off.

They consume more instant ramen per person than any other nation in the world these days. And they export a lot of it.

I can buy it at any grocery store. Halfway around the world. And I can find 14. 7 million ways to hack instant ramen so I can eat it for dinner

This is a little different. It’s a more traditional take slammed into Korean flavours. In my head it’s the next great thing. A mashup of two great noodle dishes.

Remember that you read about it here first if it does occur.

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