How To Make Lollipops Out Of Pool Noodles?

Since Halloween is over, it’s essentially already Christmas, according to Mariah Carey. Consequently, the time has come to begin creating festive DIY décor. You should replicate a TikToker’s project that involved making decorative Christmas-themed lollipops out of pool noodles for your holiday decor this year.

YouTube user @louisianawoman1 shared a video of a DIY project that she first saw being attempted. Two pool noodles of the same color, colored tape, a stake, a hot glue gun, plastic wrap, and ribbon are required to make one enormous lollipop. The two pool noodles must first be joined with glue to form a long one. Then, in order to create a design resembling a candy cane, you must wrap your colored tape around everything. Use your hot glue gun to roll the long pool noodle into a circle once it is fully heated. Cut a hole for the stake with a knife in the bottom of the lollipop-shaped object. Use more hot glue to attach the stake. To finish the look, wrap the lollipops in plastic and tie a festive bow around them. This content is imported from Tiktok. On their website, you might find the exact same information in a different format or more details.

Anyone who wants a project that won’t take too long or be too messy should try this DIY. If you already have a few pool noodles lying around that you don’t intend to use next summer, it’s particularly useful. On the TikToker page, you can also find a guide for creating enormous ornaments if you’re looking for other holiday DIY projects.

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Step 2:  Putting The Stripes On

The stripes should then be added to your pool noodle candy.

Start wrapping the pool noodle with duct tape at one end of two connected pool noodles. Leave a space between the stripes that is roughly the same width as your duct tape.

How To Make Lollipops Out Of Pool Noodles?

To ensure proper spacing, take your time during this step. If you do, your project will look much better when it is finished.

If you want to go one step further and make it appear to be a genuine bonified lollipop, simply wrap your lollipop in cellophane and secure with some string. They looked adorable in my Candy Land-themed yard, but I didn’t win. Instead, my neighbor, who had made Army of Arc Angels, did. I got second place and that’s good enough for me. All the neighbors loved it.

Then I pre-cut a hole the size of my PVC pipe, added glue inside the hole, and inserted the pre-cut PVC pipe at the base of the lollipops. The PVC pipe will easily and securely stick to the ground.

There are literally millions of pool noodles in use; at the start of the summer, I purchase at least 25 from Dollar Tree. I was therefore excited to find this YouTube video tutorial on making giant lollipops out of pool noodles for my outdoor Christmas décor. I decided to create an entire outdoor candy land theme for my yard this holiday season as a result of this project idea. Oh, yes, my friends, I was going to win the neighborhood Christmas decoration contest this year. I started by striping (wrapping brightly colored duct tape around the pool noodle to resemble a candy stripe) them after hot-gluing two pool noodles together.

Then, simply start rolling your striped pool noodle into a round lollipop shape with your hot glue gun and glue. At this point, you may need to put some elbow grease into the project.

Pool Noodle Lollipops:  What You’ll Need

The beauty of this project is that it doesn’t take a lot of hard to find items to make it happen. We found everything we needed either at our local Dollar Tree, on Amazon, or already laying around the house.

How To Make Lollipops Out Of Pool Noodles?

For one enormous pool noodle lollipop, gather the following:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find pool noodles outside of the summer. For the majority of the year, my neighborhood dollar store sells them, but if you’re making these in October, November, or December, you might have trouble finding them.

I was able to find pool noodles on year round to create my lollipops. Unfortunately they’ll likely be more expensive there when they’re out of season.

For each lollipop you want to make, two pool noodles are required. You could use one, but that results in a much smaller lollipop, and I thought they were prettier when they were larger.

For the colored duct tape, I have also been able to find this at my local dollar store, but you can always find duct tape on

There are many different shades of duct tape available, but for this project, I really like using white duct tape for the candy stripes and matching tape to connect the pool noodles. The students loved mixing up the colors.

For the stick portion of your pool noodle lollipop, there are several options available to you. I like using wooden dowels, but you could also use a broom handle, or just about anything long, straight, and sturdy enough to hold up your pool noodle.

You should definitely use a low-temperature glue gun for this project. If you don’t use caution when using a high temperature glue gun, the pool noodles may melt, leaving you with large holes in them.

I love using a cordless dual temperature glue gun. It’s so versatile for all sorts or projects!

While you can use any glue sticks you like, I HIGHLY recommend using Gorilla Brand Hot Glue Sticks! I’ve found that Gorilla brand sticks are far superior to the cheap brands and hold MUCH better for difficult projects.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this project needs ratchet straps, but I can assure you, these are KEY to making pool noodle lollipops quickly and efficiently.

How To Make Lollipops Out Of Pool Noodles?

You might be wondering what is a ratchet strap? Sometimes called tie down straps, ratchet straps are commonly used for tying items down in the back of a vehicle. They have a wenching system that allows users to make sure the straps are tied securely to whatever they’re attached to. Home depot has a great tutorial on their site on how to use ratchet straps.

I’ll explain why you might need them later in the instructions for this craft.

And finally, if you want a really finished look for your pool noodle lollipops, using cellophane wrap to finish them is a nice touch.

It’s time to start making your pool noodle lollipops once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients!

Creating the ideal “candy” piece for Pool Noodle Lollipops is the most crucial step. You’ll want to take care in these first few steps.

Please be aware that improper use of hot glue guns can result in burns. No matter how hot it is, I DO NOT suggest letting kids handle hot glue.


How do you make pool noodles candy lollipops?

Can pool noodles be glued? Yes, glue works well with pool noodles. Use ModPodge, or a clear adhesive like E6000. Glue works best when applied in areas with low stress, like when attaching a flower or ribbon.

What glue works best on pool noodles?

Who knew a pool noodle could be made into so many different things from a racetrack to light sabers, get creative the colorful floating noodles!
  1. Race track. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise to create two ideal racetracks!
  2. Blocks. …
  3. Indoor soccer. …
  4. Beachball basketball. …
  5. Jumbo Lincoln logs. …
  6. Light Sabers. …
  7. Stick pony. …
  8. Swords.

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