How To Make Pan Fried Noodles At Home

You will not believe how EASY and quick it is to make these delicious Soy Sauce Noodles!

Less than 15 minutes are needed to prepare these savory, spicy, and incredibly addictive soy sauce pan-fried noodles at home.

How To Make Pan Fried Noodles At Home

Although I’m making a vegetarian version today, you can also add beef, pork, or chicken to the noodles.

Pan-fried noodles with soy sauce is a recipe that you simply must try. It’s the ideal weeknight meal that pairs well with almost anything.

How To Make Pan Fried Noodles At Home

Soy Sauce Pan-Fried Noodles has been on my and my husband’s weeknight dinner rotation for the past few weeks!

The preparation time is less than 15 minutes, and you can modify the ingredients according to what you have in your refrigerator.

Broccoli, baby corn, peppers, and bean sprouts are examples of vegetables.

For protein, you can add tofu, chicken, beef, or pork.

How To Make Pan Fried Noodles At Home

Crispy Pan-Fried Noodles Video

To help you master crispy pan-fried noodles, here is my video tutorial. Below is the complete recipe and additional advice to keep in your back pocket.

The sauce is what makes the Soy Sauce Pan-Fried Noodles super addicting.

A perfect balance between savory and spicy. The amount of Thai red chili you add can be adjusted based on your tolerance for heat.

I suggest adding about two to three chopped red chilis if you like your food spicy. To make the sauce, you’ll need water, sugar, sesame oil, and dark and soy sauce.

Everything pairs well with the sauce, and if you’re on a ketogenic diet, you can even use it as a stir-fry sauce.

How To Make Pan Fried Noodles At Home

Pan-fried Noodle Make-Ahead Tips

Usually, I pan-fry the noodles and, while the noodles are finishing, I stir-fry my topping. But the noodles will keep for about half an hour in the skillet. You can always reheat them in the pan.

Alternatively, you could place them on a rack in a warm oven and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t dry out. If the noodles are a little soft by the time you need them, simply re-fry them for a short while, turning them over to get double crispiness.

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