How To Make Turkey Noodle Soup From Scratch

Tips for a Great Noodle Soup

  • To add to broth, freeze vegetable scraps such as carrot tops and onion ends. Leave the skins on the onions for extra color.
  • Break apart your large turkey carcass so it will fit in the pot.
  • Reduce the water or add a spoonful of bouillon (I prefer Better Than Bouillon turkey or chicken) if you are using a smaller carcass.
  • If preferred, a small amount of boxed broth or broth without sodium can be substituted for part of the water to give the dish a richer flavor.
  • The turkey should be added towards the end and heated through, rather than raw, to prevent drying out because it has already been cooked.
  • Leftover gravy can be added to the soup. Another way to thicken it is to add one or two scoops of leftover mashed potatoes.
  • If there are leftovers, we cook the noodles separately because they shouldn’t be kept in the soup.

Yes, turkey noodle soup can be frozen. Since the noodles can get mushy in the broth, it’s best to freeze this soup without them. In a Dutch oven, thaw the broth by heating it straight from frozen, then stir in the cooked noodles.

This is a whole meal in a bowl. Add some dinner rolls, a loaf of crusty bread, and a tossed salad to extend the meal.

How to Make Homemade Broth

I love homemade turkey broth for soup!

SIMMER: Preparing homemade broth is simple. Simply combine the ingredients (as directed in the recipe below) with water in a large soup pot, then simmer for approximately four hours. It can also be cooked in a slow cooker. If you have any extra bones lying around that you haven’t used (such as the back or neck if the turkey was spatchcocked),

STRAIN: Remove the bones and vegetables from the broth by straining it through cheesecloth to capture any small particles. They’ll be too mushy for soup.

SKIM: Use a spoon to remove the fat from the top of the broth after letting it settle so that it separates (or use a gravy separator) After tasting the broth, return it to the pot and simmer it uncovered for a little while to reduce its flavor. I usually reduce it to about 8 cups.

How To Make Turkey Noodle Soup From Scratch

How To Make Turkey Noodle Soup From Scratch

How To Make Turkey Noodle Soup From Scratch

How to Make Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup

This comes together quickly—about 15 to 20 minutes—once the broth is finished.

  • Add enough butter to soften the vegetables, then cook them in the broth until they are tender.
  • If you intend to eat it all without any leftovers, cook the noodles separately; otherwise, cook them in the broth.
  • Just before serving, add the chopped or shredded leftover turkey meat and parsley.

How To Make Turkey Noodle Soup From Scratch

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