How To Make Wai Wai Noodles At Home

Variations to this recipe

If you are organizing a party, this mix works well for creating layered chaat. Arrange the vegetables and spices in a base layer, followed by a layer of herbs, and finally place the crunchy noodles on top. Garnish with lemons slices that you can squeeze as needed. This one is simpler to put together in case you’re organizing a potluck chaat table. In terms of taste, you could turn this into sprouts chaat or corn chaat. To add a spicy kick, you can add some schezwan sauce and change up the masala.

Let’s make the bhel

The wai-wai bhel only requires a few simple steps to prepare. The salad ingredients: chopping and prepping the ingredients is the primary task. The rest comes together so easily. To ensure that the wai wai bhel is a cohesive mixture, chop the ingredients as finely as possible. The noodle addition: Place the noodles in the mixing bowl and roughly chop them. Add the oil and the contents of the spice mix packets now, and thoroughly mix. Combine the chopped veggies and herbs with the crushed noodles to bring everything together. Add a little lemon juice and thoroughly combine. Add the pounded or rubbed chillies to the mixture if you like it hot. The no-cook noodle bhel is now ready to eat. The recipe card below has the step-by-step instructions along with the vegetable and seasoning proportions. I hope you enjoy creating some as much as we did.

My favorite way to use Wai-wai noodles is these spicy mushroom ones! I had to recreate them after trying them in a cafe back in Kolkata. This is a one-pot recipe and it’s so delicious. The noodles have a kick to them, and the mushrooms pair perfectly with the sauces. It’s incredibly simple to prepare and makes a great rainy-day snack or dinner. This recipe is perfect for anyone who enjoys mushrooms; you can add other vegetables if you’d like, but I personally prefer it with just mushrooms.

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