How To Make Whipped Cream Without Heavy Cream?

How To Make Whipped Cream Without Heavy Cream
  1. With a double boiler, melt butter in a heatproof bowl until almost liquid. …
  2. Gradually pour milk into the butter while whisking. …
  3. Gradually increase the speed of the stand mixer to high and mix until thickened to desired consistently.

Learn how to make whipped cream with evaporated milk to take a trip back in time. Most importantly, this straightforward recipe yields a delectably fluffy whipped topping for your favorite dessert.

Yes, evaporated milk is the ideal heavy cream substitute, and today I’m sharing a great tip from the past on how to make a delicious whipped cream using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Because seeing is believing, I simply had to make a video about this.

This quick homemade whipped cream topping only needs three basic ingredients: evaporated milk, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla extract. Yes, we use evaporated milk instead of heavy cream or condensed milk as a substitute for milk. The secret is freezing the evaporated milk can and then whipping it with sugar and vanilla until it has the fluffiest consistency possible. Once you make this recipe, I promise you’ll be making it repeatedly.

Additionally, you should believe me when I say that freshly made whipped cream is far superior to the version that is pre-packaged and made with heavy whipping cream (sorry, Cool Whip).

How To Make Whipped Cream Without Heavy Cream- Step By Step

Knowing how to make whipped cream without using heavy cream is surprisingly easy, and we are here to share our two favorite techniques with you so you never have to run to the store at the last minute again.

You will require a few essential components for these techniques to function. These only contain 3/4 cup whole milk, 1/3 cup butter, and 1/4 cup powdered sugar.

Once you have these, there are two methods—the bowl and whisk method and the stand mixer method—that we are aware of for making whipped cream without heavy cream.

This technique occasionally requires a little more time and effort, but the results are amazing. However, you might find it difficult to get it as thick as you need it to be. As a result, you might want to put the mixture in the refrigerator for a short while before whisking it again to thicken it.

Make A Heavy Cream Substitute

The first step is to gather all of your ingredients, all of which you probably already have on hand in your kitchen cabinets. All you need for these is milk, a little butter, powdered sugar, a dash of salt, and vanilla extract.

After that, you’ll need to combine these ingredients to create a heavy cream-like substitute. To melt the butter until it is ready for use, use a double boiler.

The simplest way to create a double boiler is to simply place a glass bowl on top of a pot that is only partially submerged in warm water.

Therefore, all that is required to warm the glass bowl is to bring the water to a boil. Put the butter in the glass bowl and wait for it to completely melt. Once this is completed, you can take the mixture out of the double boiler and begin whisking it to prepare the cream. If necessary, whip up this homemade whipped cream recipe in a mixing bowl using a hand mixer. Enjoy the fresh whipped cream.

The butter shouldn’t be scalding hot or it will be difficult to work with; instead, let it sit on the double boiler until it is almost completely melted before whisking it until it is smooth. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to gradually add the milk while continuing to whisk the two ingredients together.

Once you’ve created your milk and butter emulsion, you can use it to replace heavy cream in soups, sauces, and other creamy dishes. But you should adhere to the following instructions if you want to turn it into whipped cream.

Turning the homemade heavy cream into whipped cream

The substitute for whipped cream should be used and consumed right away. When used as a scooped topping on your favorite dessert, it is delectable.

The consistency, however, does not hold well when piped, making it unsuitable for frosting or piping cakes. The reason being that at room temperature, milk and butter tend to separate fairly quickly.

Give the prepared heavy cream five minutes to cool.

Add in powdered sugar and any flavouring if using.

A whisk or, preferably, an electric or handheld beater should be used to beat the mixture for 8 to 10 minutes, or until it is pale in color.

If the mixture seems to be too liquid, place it in the refrigerator for five minutes before continuing to whip it until it is firm and has a texture similar to that of medium peaks whipped cream.

Remember that the cream won’t whip up to a light, fluffy texture or double in volume like regular whipped cream does.

Even though it will be a little denser, it will still be delicious topped with your favorite fruit or dessert.

When whipped its best to serve and consume immediately. When left to stand at room temperature for an extended period of time, the butter and milk begin to separate.


What can I use instead of heavy cream for whipped cream?

substitute 7/8 cups half-and-half and 1/8 cup melted butter for 1 cup of the whipped cream. If your recipe doesn’t call for whipping, you can just use half-and-half in place of it.

Can you make whipped cream with milk instead of heavy cream?

You don’t need heavy cream to make whipped cream. While the method is a little out of the ordinary, whole milk, skim milk, or coconut milk can all be used to create a fluffy, delectable topping. Whatever method you choose, adding homemade whipped cream to a standard dessert will instantly elevate it.

How do you make whipped cream with just milk?

Remove from the refrigerator, then stir in the confectioners’ or icing sugar. The milk mixture should be whisked with an electric mixer until it becomes extremely thick and doubles in volume. You can see it growing in size as you whisk. Store in the fridge and use within 2 days.

How do I substitute whipping cream?

A great alternative to whipping cream is a mixture of butter and milk. The butter and milk mixture should have the consistency of whipping cream, so combine 13 cup softened butter with 34 cup milk. Use an electric mixer to get a fluffy consistency.

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