How To Make Your Cup Noodles Taste Better

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Instant ramen is a great option for those on a tight budget who want comfort food. Ramen restaurants are opening up in almost every major city in the world, and instant ramen is quickly becoming a convenient favorite. This traditional Japanese noodle soup has become incredibly popular worldwide. When instant ramen was introduced in 1958, the noodle became widely available, reasonably priced, and very simple to prepare.

Here are some easy ways to spice up your dish to make it even more delicious when you’re not quite in the mood to make full-on “real” ramen but still want a little something more than the instant ramen packet alone.

If you’re looking for a different kind of heat boost, Sriracha is your go-to brand! Originally from Thailand, Sriracha has gained popularity across the globe as a result of its adaptability to a wide range of dishes. Red chili powder and garlic are a tried-and-true combination for a flavor that pops.

This might be the solution for you if you find it difficult to appreciate the flavor of the seasoning packets from instant ramen brands. You may already be aware of the type of flavor that miso paste can add to your ramen if you’ve had miso soup. Replace the prepackaged seasoning with a few tablespoons of miso paste and bring your water to a boil. By using miso paste, you can create a broth with a savory flavor that isn’t overly strong. Furthermore, because miso paste needs to be refrigerated after opening, it is best used when car camping in an area with a cooler.

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An easily portable seasoning traditionally used on rice and fish. Although salt, fish flakes, and seaweed are typically included in the seasoning, it can also contain other ingredients that affect its flavor and degree of spice. While furikake seasoning is harder to come by in your neighborhood supermarket chains, you can still find many brands online or at an Asian market.

As an additional option or complement to the pre-packaged seasoning options for instant ramen, soy sauce can help you balance the flavors and saltiness of the packets. For example, if you’re a backpacker and can’t bring miso paste, soy sauce might be the solution for you! Try different amounts of flavor packet to soy sauce to determine what tastes the best to you.

Turn It Into a Stir-Fry

Making a stir-fry out of ramen is a delicious way to switch it up. Start by sautéing some vegetables in a pan. Broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots, snap peas, bok choy, or any other vegetable you happen to have on hand or are in the mood for can be used.

Making a stir-fry sauce is simple enough. You can make it easy with just soy sauce, garlic, and sweetener, but if you want something healthier, try this recipe for stir-fried date and soy sauce.

When the vegetables are sautéed, add the cooked noodles and stir-fry sauce, tossing to coat everything in the sauce.

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