How To Take Bone Out Of Chicken Drumstick?

What You’ll Need

How To Take Bone Out Of Chicken Drumstick?

Use a boning knife (left) if you can to make the process of deboning simpler. The blade of this knife, which narrows and slightly curves to make it easier to cut close to any bones, makes it clear that it is specifically made for boning. When deboning chicken thighs, a standard 6-inch vegetable or kitchen knife (center) works well in its place because it isn’t too large. If all else fails, you can try deboning the chicken thigh with a pair of sharp scissors or poultry shears (right), but they can be difficult to use on something that small. The trick is to use whatever you have and are at ease with, but it must be something sharp. It will be more difficult and potentially dangerous to use blunt knives and scissors because they tend to slip more easily.

To keep the knives and cutting boards you use clean at all times, you’ll also need dishcloths, antibacterial spray, and a cutting board, preferably one made of plastic or marble because they’re easier to clean. Clean hands are essential when handling chicken, both before you begin and after you finish. You can wear gloves, but doing so may make it more difficult to feel your muscles and bones. Always have paper towels on hand so that you can quickly clean up any grease or fat.

It’s Not As Hard As You Think

How To Take Bone Out Of Chicken Drumstick?

How To Take Bone Out Of Chicken Drumstick?

We frequently choose the breast when cooking with chicken because it is easy to handle, requires little preparation, and has no bones to remove. Sadly, chicken thighs are frequently ignored even though they are more affordable, tastier, and simpler to prepare. When cooked in a sauce or stew, thighs do not dry out or become tough like the breast does.

Of course, you can purchase already-boned thighs, but you will pay more for the convenience—often the same as or more than the cost of the breast. It’s not as difficult as you might think to learn how to debone thighs—just follow this step-by-step tutorial.

The best type of knife to use is one with a narrow, sharp blade like a boning or paring knife, but any knife with a sharp tip will do. I advise using a pointed finger grip when using a chef’s knife so you can control it like an extension of your finger.

To reveal a side of the bone, slide your knife’s tip down that side. Do not cut through the meat.

Trim any extra skin or fat from your boneless thighs, feel the meat with your fingertips for any stray cartilage, and look for any stray cartilage.

Use your knife to scrape the meat off the bone’s two sides for the drumstick. Next, slide the knife’s tip under the bone so that the edge faces the tip of the drumstick. To separate the bone’s end from the meat, slice through the tendons and meat.

Start by placing the skin-side of the bone-in thigh down and using your finger to feel the area where the bone enters the meat.


How do you remove the bones from a chicken drumstick?

Slice around the circumference all the way to the bone while holding a paring knife just above the ankle and perpendicular to the bone. The tips of about six thin, white tendons will be exposed as a result. 2. Grab the end of each tendon with a fresh pair of pliers and forcefully pull to release it.

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