How To Take Temp Of Turkey Breast?

Do not waste your time reading other posts about how to cook a turkey. The truth is that temperature control is the key to making the perfect turkey. And that’s our jam. Use any recipe you like, whether you want to deep-fry, smoke, roast, or whatever. But neglect these fundamental principles at your own peril!.

For a moist turkey, the internal temperature should be 157°F (69°C) in the breast and 175°F (79°C) in the thigh. (USDA charts here or continue reading below to find out why this is safe ).

For the Safest Turkey, Check the Internal Temperature

You may have noticed that many recipes instruct you to check the turkey’s internal temperature. That’s because the most accurate way to determine whether a turkey (or other poultry or meats, for that matter) is properly cooked is to check the internal temperature, rather than jiggling a leg or making sure the juices run clear.

Here’s how to take your turkey’s temperature precisely and confirm that it has reached the appropriate internal temperature for consumption.

A video with everything you need to know about taking the temperature of roast turkey.

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How To Take Temp Of Turkey Breast?

How To Take Temp Of Turkey Breast?

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  • Throw out the timing charts and forget about cooking “until the juices run clear” if you want to ensure that your turkey will be juicy and tender. ” Just use a thermometer. If you know where to check the turkey’s temperature and what temperature it should be, it’s the only way to ensure perfectly cooked meat. The deepest part of the breast, the joint between the thigh and the body, and the joint between the drumstick and the thigh are the three places you should take the turkey’s temperature for the best results.

    This video will show you exactly how to do that. 2:32.


    A piece of meat will cook more evenly if its size and shape are more consistent. (We tie up roasts and butterfly some meat cuts before cooking them because of this.) Whole turkeys are obviously anything but uniform in shape, with the legs being significantly smaller and the breasts tapering at one end and thickening at the other. Simply put, these various turkey parts won’t cook at the same rate.

    Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor your cooking temperature with a cooking alarm thermometer, such as the Smoke X, ChefAlarm, or DOT (also known as an “oven thermometer” or a “leave-in probe thermometer”), and to check your doneness temperatures with a quick and precise instant-read thermometer. Two different thermometers for two different but very important jobs.

    The instant-read is more crucial if you only have one because it allows you to check the doneness temperature multiple times. But every time you open the oven door or the smoker lid to check the temperature of your turkey, you could potentially reduce the internal temperature by as much as 50°F (28°C). Each time!.

    However, an alarm thermometer will allow you to monitor the internal cooking temperature of your turkey while it is outside of the oven or smoker, ensuring that you don’t miss the crucial moment when it is finished!

    Prior to removing the turkey breast from the oven, smoker, or fryer, keep in mind that the temperature should be precisely 157°F (69°C) and not even a single degree higher.


    Where do you put the thermometer in a turkey breast?

    The thickest part of the turkey breast, the innermost part of the thigh, and the innermost part of the wing should all have a thermometer inserted into them when cooking a whole turkey, among other suggestions. Be sure the thermometer doesn’t come in contact with any bone, gristle, or pan.

    Is turkey done at 165 or 180?

    Hold the thermometer still until the numbers stop to properly read the temperature. The turkey is cooked if it reaches a temperature of between 160 and 165 degrees F.

    Where do I take turkey temperature?

    Without touching the bone, the thermometer’s tip should be inserted into the thick part of the thigh. Remove the turkey when it reaches 180°F. If the turkey is stuffed, make sure the stuffing is cooked to 165°F in the center and that the breast reaches 170°F.

    How do you check the doneness of a turkey breast?

    But there’s only one way to be sure: the temperature. It just takes a simple reading with a meat thermometer to test if your turkey is ready to eat.

    Check these places on your turkey and look for these temperatures:
    1. 180°F in thigh.
    2. 170°F in breast.
    3. 165°F in stuffing.

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