How To Use A Pool Noodle As A Bed Rail

‘We need to try this with our clumsy human’

The easy trick captured the attention of parents in the comments, and now Heather’s video has received over five million views, 369k likes, and 1200 comments.

Some commented, “Love this,” while others thought it was a “great idea” and “really cute.” “.

“I never thought of this, thankyou!!!” one appreciative fan added.

“It’s a great way to teach my little ones to stay in the middle of the bed instead of flying off,” one mother wrote.

Some people even said, “I want this for myself!”

“Cant wait to try this,” someone else replied. A different parent remarked, “Im going to do this. Im so scared about my boy falling off his bed. “.

Another person said, “Okay, we need to do this for our clumsy little human,” and they tagged their spouse.

Others added that using towels and pillows is also an effective method.

How To Use A Pool Noodle As A Bed Rail

‘Is this not a known toddler mum hack?’ The simple DIY sleeping solution

Posting to her account, Heather films herself walking into her kids room and showing their beds. Their sheets are elevated on either side, creating a dip in the middle.

She reveals the revolutionary fix after slipping under their covers and releasing the mattress protector.

She simply duct-taped a few pool noodles together to create a triangle that serves as a homemade barrier rather than purchasing pricey bed rails.

Placing it beneath the mattress protector guarantees that it remains in place and doesn’t move while the children sleep.

“Is this not a known toddler mom hack? Because I just blew my friends mind,” she narrates over the video. “.

“$12 for the win!” is how Heather captioned the video, but in Australia, Kmart sells pool noodles for as little as two dollars!

How To Use A Pool Noodle As A Bed Rail

Parents praised Jade’s ingenious DIY pool noodle barrier in the comments section.

Another TikToker commented, “That is what my mum’s friend had told us to do, and it works wonders.”

Jade instructs you to duct tape all three pool noodles together in the shape of a triangle to create the bed barrier.

The video begins with a view of the toddler’s bed for the mother of three. To prevent her toddler from falling out of bed, Jade says she uses pool noodles “instead of buying expensive bed rails.”

Three pool noodles and some duct tape are all you need for this toddler bed trick, as instructed by Jade.

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