How Was Noodle The Cat Done On Bgt

Tom Ball, the runner-up from the previous year, revealed himself as Noodle on stage during Thursday’s live semifinal.

Mysteries: After Noodle the animated cat’s audition, many people were curious about the voice of the CGI animal.

After his performance, he said: Its changed my life completely. Ive signed a record deal, Ive got a tour. Its all down to this show.

A sixth tweeted that BGT had changed his life, that he was going on tour and had signed a record deal, and that “great voice but not sure I understand why Tom Ball is back again.” Then, why not offer someone else the same opportunity?

Seventh: I don’t think it’s appropriate to have Tom Ball back on. He is currently performing live, recording an album, and working as a professional vocalist. He’s excellent but should not be on here tonight. Unfair on the other 7 acts.

“Tom Fletcher from McFly/McBusted is the voice,” speculated one viewer. Another joked, “Plot twist: the cat is Marc Spellman,” alluding to the well-known magician who advanced to the semifinals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 and won Ant

Tom Ball, a former finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, made another suggestion. “That cat thing is 100% Tom Ball’s voice,” they said.

However, not everyone was as impressed; some viewers compared the episode to the peculiar science fiction show Black Mirror. One viewer exclaimed, “I swear I’ve seen this on Black Mirror before.” “#BGT is giving me Black Mirror vibes,” agreed another.

Fortunately, one audience member has let slip how Noodle the cat was able to perform. As reported by The Sun, the explained on YouTube: “I was in the audience for this audition. The cat was a screen projection. Clever how they put it on stage for the TV showing!”

Several viewers questioned why the performer would choose to conceal themselves behind a computer-generated image of a cat, even though the show offered no clues as to who the mystery performer was.

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