Is Chicken Noodle Soup Good For High Blood Pressure

For numerous individuals, chicken noodle soup serves as both a comfort food and a homemade remedy.

Alexander advises purchasing the organic varieties of these vegetables to make them healthier. Additionally, she advises against peeling carrots because they are high in nutrients.

“Lard is definitely something to avoid when making a ‘clean’ and lighter soup. Extra virgin olive oil has a wonderful flavor and will work wonders for sautéing the vegetables, according to Alexander.

Although you can choose exactly what ingredients go into homemade chicken noodle soup, proceed with caution when following recipes that call for rotisserie chicken.

Alexander advised consumers to search for the word “low” rather than “lower” or “less” when purchasing broth. Legally, food labeled as “low sodium” must contain no more than 140 milligrams of sodium. When it comes to chicken broth, “less” and “lower” are relative to the original product they’re replacing, so they could still have a lot. ”.

11. High Sodium Snacks

Snacks high in sodium, such as chips, can contain a lot of sodium. Even the little snack-sized bags of potato chips can get you into trouble. Given their size and innocent appearance, how much salt—250 milligrams in a tiny, partially filled bag—could they possibly contain?

Thus, picture yourself sitting around going through your child’s lunchbox. And youre like, “Oh, they left their chips. ” Youre on the phone. Youre not paying attention. Consume a small bag of chips; the sodium content is 250 mg. You eat another one because the conversation was good. Its getting juicy. That’s another 250 mg of sodium, so that makes 500 mg from just one or two high-sodium snacks.

So, trust me when I say that you should stay away from high-sodium snacks if you have high blood pressure.

15 Foods to Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure!

There are a lot of rich and delicious foods that we eat on a daily basis, but they may be causing high blood pressure. Therefore, pay attention because I’m going to list 15 foods that you should avoid if you have high blood pressure, whether you or a loved one has high blood pressure.

Canned foods tend to have a lot of sodium. Why? Because its a preservative. It helps to give them a longer shelf life. I purposely brought out vegetables. Something that is generally considered healthy, since some people believe that eating vegetables—even those from cans—is OK as long as they are vegetables Not so.

So lets look at a can of diced tomatoes. Tomatoes are pretty healthy. One serving has 180 milligrams of sodium. Well, that might not be too horrible, but surprise! This tiny can is thought to have three 5 servings. So if you multiply that out, 180 milligrams times 3. 5. A single can of diced tomatoes contains an astounding 630 mg of sodium per day! This amounts to nearly half of the recommended daily intake! So thats something you want to avoid.

And since people like corn, how about some creamed corn? Corn, its a vegetable, kind of. Well, one serving has 340 milligrams of sodium. Once more, this can contains 3 1/2 servings, so they claim So multiply that out. 340 times 3. 5. If you eat the entire can of corn, as many people do, you’re at 1,190 mg of sodium, and they mistakenly believe they’re replacing a meal.

And it goes on, and on, and on. Even in the event that you’re eating a larger can of, say, seasoned green beans Well, one serving is 590 milligrams of sodium. You can already hear that it sounds like a lot of sodium at this point. However, one can of these seasoned green beans has six 5 servings. Canned foods are one item you should stay away from if you have high blood pressure because, when you multiply that out, one large can of seasoned green beans contains over 3,000 milligrams of sodium!

To be realistic, though, a lot of the time people have to make do with canned goods because they lack the funds to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. To help eliminate some of the excess sodium, you should pour off the salty water and replace it with fresh water after the canned vegetables have been left to sit.

Typically, we associate healthy foods with things like deli turkey. But lets talk about deli meats in general. Deli meats and other processed meats have nitrates. Additionally, a number of these dishes, like these deli meats, can contain up to 600 mg of sodium in a single serving. Therefore, if you consider deli turkey—many of you have probably seen turkey like this—you might conclude that it’s a good option for a sandwich. ” Well, one serving has 500 milligrams of sodium. But whats a serving? Two ounces. You all know full well that when you make a sandwich, you use more turkey than two ounces.

And so say you double that up. You now have 1,000 mg of sodium, or more accurately, 1,500 mg if you get three times as much, which is more realistic. As such, you should be extremely cautious when it comes to the deli meats.

Another illustration is that four to five slices of salami constitute a serving. Furthermore, a lot of people consume more in a single serving. Well, one serving of salami has 450 milligrams of sodium. Now take that and put it on a sandwich with some bread, cheese, pickles, mayonnaise, and other condiments. Now that you’re actually adding more sodium, you’re also adding more trans fats and some saturated fats.

Therefore, once more, eat everything in moderation. However, in general, you should avoid these deli meats if you have high blood pressure. And you might want to refrain from consuming this food in excess.

Now, you know, a lot of folks love pickles. They like pickles plain. Sour pickles. They like hot pickles, and pickles on their sandwiches. However, you should avoid pickles if you have high blood pressure for the following reasons.

To start, let’s focus on the positive: pickles typically contain no fat. They have zero or very low calories. So thats a positive. But let me tell you something. If you eat a lot of pickles, you’ve hit the jackpot! Three medium-sized pickles typically contain nearly 3,000 mg of sodium, but let’s focus on just one pickle for now.

A sour pickle. With the juices, one sour pickle contains 300 mg of sodium. Lets take a look at another type of pickle. You’ve all seen these at the grocery store and gas stations. So one serving has 300 milligrams. Though it may not seem like much, imagine how many servings there are in one pickle! Five!.

You are aware that this pickle will not suffice to feed five people. So you multiply that out. 300 milligrams times five. This one pickle has 1,500 milligrams of sodium. By the time you finish this pickle, you’ve consumed all of the sodium for the day. And so you have to pay attention. You should avoid eating pickles if you have high blood pressure.

Cheers! Hmm, but not so fast. Why? Because drinking too much alcohol can make high blood pressure worse and raise blood pressure levels. So its something you want to avoid having in excess. When taken in excess, it can harm the walls of your blood vessels in addition to raising your high blood pressure.

Now, if you have high blood pressure, please make sure to watch my YouTube video “How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally” to find out exactly how much alcohol is considered reasonable. “.

Recall that when we discuss drinks, a drink is not a subjective matter. Drinks sizes have definitions. Therefore, the drinks have specific definitions if you are advised to have one drink or less per day, or two drinks or less per day, depending on your age and gender.

If we are discussing wine, for instance, we are talking about five or eight ounces, which is what is considered a drink. If we are discussing something heavier, like an 80-proof liquor, then we are talking about one 5 ounces of alcohol. You don’t simply pour one tumbler of dark liquor and call it a day. Thats one drink. ” No, theres a definition.

And if you want to treat yourself to a beer, that comes out to be 12 ounces, or one drink. Again, remember to maintain a record of the proper drink sizes.

Condiments are not just a free for all. Certain condiments should be avoided, especially when consumed in excess if you have high blood pressure. So lets talk about some of these.

Mustards actually not so bad. One teaspoon of mustard only has 55 milligrams of sodium. But generally speaking, just be aware of how much you’re using

Depending on the brand, one tablespoon of ketchup may contain as much as 196 mg of sodium. Imagine yourself now, chowing down on hamburgers and fries, squirting ketchup everywhere, and just dipping like there’s no tomorrow. You are well aware that you are using more than one tablespoon of ketchup. Therefore, even if you have two, three, or even five tablespoons, and you do so multiple times a day, it really adds up.

One tablespoon of mayonnaise has about 95 milligrams of sodium. But one tablespoon contains 11 grams of fat. Furthermore, consuming foods like macaroni or pasta salad or spreading mayonnaise on sandwiches or burgers can significantly increase one’s fat intake. Consuming large amounts of fats, particularly trans and saturated fats, can cause obesity or overweight, which will naturally raise blood pressure.

How many of you have hot sauce in your bag of tricks? Well, you should stay away from hot sauce. One teaspoon, not a tablespoon. One teaspoon of hot sauce has 190 milligrams of sodium. How recently have you used just one tiny teaspoon of hot sauce?

The majority of people just get the hot sauce and pour it over everything, including fried fish. It gets poured over your eggs and collard greens. And you don’t give it much thought because you assume that it doesn’t contain many calories. ” And so you think its a freebie.

However, you should stay away from hot sauce if you have high blood pressure. Once more, everything should be consumed in moderation. You should also speak with your doctor and dietician, but you should be aware that using these condiments excessively can make your high blood pressure worse.

Yes, but not all red meats are made equally, you know. I’m referring especially to fatty, marbled red meats like rib-eye steaks. An 18-ounce rib-eye, for instance, or one of these cowboy rib-eyes that restaurants serve, is a prime example of red meat that is marbling, fatty, and well-seasoned. However, just one rib-eye can have up to 1,200 calories and 80 grams of fat! Furthermore, if we are discussing saturated and trans fats Thats not good. Additionally, an 18-ounce steak that has been well-seasoned can contain nearly 1,200 milligrams of sodium!

Therefore, you should stay away from red meat if you have high blood pressure, especially if it’s fatty and marbled. Therefore, if you are going to eat red meat, you should definitely think about something lean, like a lean sirloin, or something low in fat. In order to prevent consuming too much sodium, you should cook it at home where you can season it yourself.

A high blood pressure sufferer should definitely stay away from processed foods. They typically contain a lot of sodium, which you know aids in their preservation. So lets look at some processed foods to avoid.

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