Is It Bad To Eat Ramen Noodles Raw

2. Nissin Raoh Shoyu Flavor


Without the proper tools and equipment, making restaurant-quality noodles at home is almost impossible.

How can you beat that?

Using Raoh’s shoyu flavour will help you achieve this easily. This is top-notch ramen hands down!.

One pinnacle of instant noodles is the soy sauce flavor. Although it is pricey in comparison to ordinary ones, believe me when I say that it is well worth the money.

In a nutshell, I loved every bit of it.

…And I am sure you will too.

I am afraid good ramen will be gone

However, you can still eat ramen in the convenience of your own home in the interim.

Here are some of my recommendations for ramen lovers.

How to eat raw noodles

Before opening the package, make a fist and crush the noodles. If you like larger pieces, then just punch three times.

Note: It will be too salty if you add everything.

You can coat the noodle pieces with the seasoning by shaking thoroughly.

It tastes like a snack called Baby Star Ramen. This snack is very popular in Japan; have you ever eaten it?

3. The problem here is that no toppings come with these packets.

Here are some topping options and recipes for you.

Is It Bad To Eat Ramen Noodles Raw

Is It Bad To Eat Ramen Noodles Raw

Is It Bad To Eat Ramen Noodles Raw

But Chris, instant ramen is SO unhealthy!!

To be honest, eating instant ramen raw or cooked has no nutritional value. Regardless of whether you cook it or eat it raw, it has a high content of carbohydrates, calories, and sodium. For this reason, when making instant ramen, I suggest adding veggies and protein!

This is the only reason I’m sharing this hack: it’s a great snack for when your friends get together for drinks. This is extra good when you’re kinda tipsy, nah mean?.

While I’m not advocating for people to consume this and drink it daily, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in it occasionally. Try this hangover soup after your night out, and do it moderately!

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