If you like to keep up with culinary trends, you may have noticed an increase in the number of Korean restaurants. Theres a good reason why. Korean cuisine is delectable and features a variety of interesting and tasty dishes that combine heat, sweetness, saltiness, and umami. There is no reason not to book your reservation at the neighborhood Korean restaurant right away if you haven’t tried it for yourself.

One of the traditional Korean dishes is black bean noodles, though many people haven’t tried it yet. Imagine a deep, rich flavor with a heavy dose of salt, similar to soy sauce but with more complexity, if you’re wondering what they taste like.

If that appeals to you, read on to discover more about this wonderful dish. Table of Contents.

Jajangmyeon, or black bean noodles, is one of Korea’s most well-known foods. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, but the most common ones involve chunjang sauce, vegetables, and diced pork. The traditional Chinese dish Zhi Jhiang Mian, which is translated as “fried noodles,” is said to have served as its inspiration. “.

Its popularity is largely due to how quick and simple it is to make. Restaurants and home cooks alike appreciate how quickly it can be put together while still providing a deep and rich flavor. The cost of production is another important factor in its success. An inexpensive meal that is genuinely satisfying can be made with noodles, sauce, meat, and vegetables.

Jajangmyeon noodles

Nothing compares to the hand-pulled, deliciously thick and chewy noodles from restaurants. In the refrigerator section of Korean markets, you can find ready-made fresh noodles, which are preferred for home cooking. There are also frozen and dried noodles. These noodles are typically identified as being for udon and jajangmyeon (or jungwhamyeon) noodles.

Can I swap the pork belly out for another type of protein?

Yes, Id recommend ground chicken or beef. On the other hand, as a side note, the pork fat in the pork belly really gives this dish a delicious and deep flavor!

Imagine thick, chewy wheat noodles covered in a flavorful sauce made from roasted black beans, pork belly, zucchini, cabbage, onion, and green onions.

Popular Korean noodle dish Jajangmyeon was inspired by Chinese Zhajiangmian. The Korean and Chinese versions are similar but have a few minor differences.

It’s a delicious Korean dish that’s simple to prepare at home and is very convenient to order for takeout. In addition, it’s eaten for special occasions like Graduation.

These Korean black bean noodles are typically not vegan, but they can be made so by leaving out the protein and oyster sauce. You can also find a vegan jajangmyeon recipe online.

Where can I buy Korean-style black bean paste?

It should be available at the local Asian market. Search for it in your sauce aisle. It should look something like the below. Additionally, if you’re wondering if you can just use black beans, the results will not be the same, regrettably. You will need this ingredient to make this dish.

What Are Black Noodles?


What are black noodles made of?

Black pasta is made by combining squid or cuttlefish ink with pasta dough, which is typically made from durum wheat semolina flour. The ink both colours and flavours the pasta.

What are those black noodles?

Popular Chinese-Korean fusion dish jajangmyeon, or Korean black bean noodles, is topped with a rich, savory black bean sauce made from chunjang (black bean paste), diced pork, and vegetables. It’s one of the ultimate Korean comfort foods!.

Is a black noodle are spicy?

If you have children or simply don’t like spicy food, jajangmyeon noodles (also known as Korean black noodles) are usually a pretty safe option. They are traditionally a sweet and savory dish that contains a blend of non-spicy spices.

What are black noodles in Thai food?

Online stores sell black rice noodles, also known as “forbidden rice” noodles. If you prefer, feel free to use regular rice sticks instead. Easy to prepare in your preferred large frying pan or well-seasoned wok.

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