What Are Korean Noodles Called?


An Overview Of 3 Main Korean Noodle Varieties

I want to give more details about the various kinds of Korean noodles that are used in these recipes before we talk about specific noodle dishes. Let’s check them out!.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Dangmyeon is also called “cellophane noodles”, “dangmyun”, and “tang myun”. It consists of sweet potato starch. You can buy it dried, soak it, and then add it to stir-fries and different Korean soups.

This particular variety of noodle is thick, brownish-gray in color, and crunchy when uncooked. However, it becomes chewy and semi-transparent after cooking.

It is used by Koreans to prepare the well-known noodle dish Japchae, which includes beef, vegetables, sesame oil, soy sauce, and sugar.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

This chewy noodle is made by steamed kelp extract, which resembles jelly. No grain flour or starch is present.

It has a low calorie and carbohydrate count, and is free of gluten, cholesterol, and fat. As a result, those who are concerned about their health find it to be very popular.

People often use it to replace rice and pasta. They make soups and stir-fried dishes. To serve with Saengseon Hoe (sliced raw fish), or to make salads, use it. It can absorb the flavor of other ingredients.

Cheonsachae can be consumed raw or cooked with spices in water. If you’re stirring-frying it, add it to the dish when you’re almost done. Make sure that you rinse it beforehand.

This recipe for Cheonsachae salad is a delicious, healthy, and refreshing option. Watch this video: Korean Kelp Noodle Salad Recipe.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Dotori guksu is made of salt, grain-based flour, and acorn starch or flour. The acorn comes from red or white oak.

Dotori Guksu comes in two varieties: flour-based and starch-based. The flour-based version is also called “acorn soba noodles”. It has a thick shape, just like spaghetti. People use it to make warm and cold dishes.

The starch-based variety typically includes arrowroot starch, acorn starch, rice, potatoes, and wheat flour. They have a chewy and elastic texture when cooked. Uncooked Dotori Guksu’s thickness is about 1-1. 2 mm in diameter. It looks just like brown plastic threads.

8 Super Delicate Cold Korean Noodle Dishes

A bowl of cold Korean noodles would be the ideal summertime treat. You will find the top 8 dishes in this section, giving you a wide range of options. Check and pick your favorite!.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Naengmyeon is a specialty of North Korea because it originated in Pyongyang. Despite being a cold dish, it was traditionally served at wintertime meals.

This is due to Dongchimi, a radish-based water kimchi, being the main component. This noodle soup is more common in winter because it is frequently available during that season.

Other elements include vinegar, sugar, and mustard oil. However, North Korea prefers to use sugar in this recipe.

The broth of Naengmyeon is often cold or just lukewarm. It is made of chicken and pork broth. People in South Korea even partially freeze it or add ice cubes to it. It is served with buckwheat noodles.

Naengmyeon has a no-broth version, which is Bibim Naengmyeon. It is a stir-fried dish made primarily of gochujang sauce.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Jjolmyeon refers to both a particular variety of noodle and a noodle dish. The noodles for it are very chewy. Its main ingredient is wheat flour and starch.

Jjolmyeon is unique in that it contains absolutely no meat. Most versions are vegan or may have a boiled egg. This noodle’s sauce is made up of vinegar, gochujang, sugar, and minced garlic.

Jjolmyeon is the favorite noodle dish of young Korean people. It’s interesting to note that when people make Naengmyeon, they accidentally create this noodle.

This recipe will help you make the best Jjolmyeon. Watch this video: Jjolmyeon – Korean Spicy Chewy Noodles.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Jat Guksu is a sweet rather than a savory noodle. Because of their high fat content, the ground pine nuts used to make the broth have a buttery flavor and creamy consistency. People serve it cold with wheat flour or buckwheat noodles.

This mouthwatering and revitalizing noodle can be found in Gapyeong, a city in the Gyeonggi province. It does not contain any soy milk, so do not mistake it for Kongguksu. In addition, Kongguksu broth is more umami than Jat Guksu.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Maksguksu is a delicacy of the Gangwon province. Buckwheat noodles are included in a cold broth that contains sesame oil or vinegar, mustard, and sugar. It also has a lot of vegetables. In Chuncheon, people serve it with boiled pork or beef.

Because it is unhulled, the buckwheat noodle used to make Makguksu is quite rough. It also has a lot of buckwheat, which is not as glutinous as other grains and is difficult to knead and form into strands.

Makguksu has a spicy taste thanks to Gochujang and kimchi. It can also be salty because of soy sauce.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

This noodle has a meaningful history. It was North Korean people who created this dish. They attempted to create a noodle similar to Naengmyeon when they arrived in Busan as a result of the Korean War. That’s where Milmyeon came into existence.

Because of that, Milmyeon is nearly the same as Naengmyeon. The biggest difference between them is the noodles. Since buckwheat was not available in Busan, Milmyeon uses wheat flour noodles instead of buckwheat noodles.

Boiling eggs, green onions, and thinly sliced cucumbers are typical Milmyeon toppings. Serve it with a cool, refreshing appetizer to combat the summertime heat.

Another distinction is that Dongchimi (radish water kimchi) is replaced by meat broth in Milmyeon.

Mul Milmyeon and Bibim Milmyeon are the two Milmyeon varieties. The only thing Bibim Milmyeon has going for it is a spicy sauce.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Kongguksu is a true summer retreat. It is made up of soy broth and a type of Korean noodle called somyeon. It is prepared by soaking, boiling, peeling, and pureeing soybeans. They may also add nuts or sesame seeds.

Notably, to make the noodle more energizing, people sometimes add some fruits like chilled tomatoes, cucumber, or watermelon. Sometimes, they even put ice cubes in it.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

I am sure that Bibimbap is very familiar to you. It is a very famous rice dish. Bibim Guksu is nearly the same as Bibimbap. However, people make it with noodles instead of rice.

It features noodles stirred with gochujang sauce and vinegar. On summer nights, serving this delicious noodle dish as dinner is ideal.

It shares the same topping as Bibimbap, which consists of pickled radishes, seaweed, vegetables, and hard-boiled eggs.

Most often, people make Bibim Guksu using Somyeon noodles. If soba noodles are used, people call it “Jaengban Guksu”.

People in Incheon use thick, chewy wheat noodles that resemble spaghetti. This version is called Jjolmyeon.

What Are Korean Noodles Called?

Buckwheat noodles are served with Memil Guksu, which is a clear broth with soy sauce, Myeolchi, rice wine, kelp, and sugar.

This noodle closely resembles the Japanese variety of noodles known as soba. However, in soba, the broth and noodles come separately. Nevertheless, they are served in the same bowl in Memil Guksu.

Memil Guksu is typically served with a soy sauce and rice wine dipping sauce. Toppings for Memil Guksu include shredded cucumbers, horseradish paste, and ground radish. People sometimes add some lemon juice to make it richer.

Most noodle dishes on a Korean menu will be labeled as myeon or gooksu if they are noodles dishes. Myeon is related to the Chinese word mien, which means noodles. In Korea, noodles can be made from a variety of ingredients, including sweet potato starch, wheat flour, buckwheat, corn flour, rice flour, and acorn flour.


What is the most popular noodle in Korea?

Let’s have a look at some of the most famous Korean noodles (excluding ramyeon dishes, scroll down to have a look at those).
  • Janchi Guksu. Janchi Guksu (잔치국수) is a deceptively simple dish.
  • Kalguksu. …
  • Jjamppong. …
  • Bibim Guksu. …
  • Naengmyeon. …
  • Kongguksu. …
  • Samyang Ramyeon. …
  • Nongshim Shin Ramyeon.

What are Korean spicy noodles called?

One of the most well-liked noodle dishes in Korea is spicy Korean noodles, also known as Korean stir-fried noodles (chap chae or jap chae, which means mixed vegetables in Korean). These Korean noodles have got to be among my all-time favorite noodle dishes!

What kind of noodles are in Korean ramen?

The use of two well-known instant noodles, ramen and udon noodles, gave rise to the name “Ram-Don.” However, Chapajetti and Neoguri, two popular varieties of Korean ramen, are where the more contemporary name “Jjapaguri” originates. The first is a spicy seafood udon-style noodle (jjamppong), and the second is black bean ramen (jjajang). ).

What are Korean thick noodles called?

Garak-guksu () are thick wheat noodles and noodle dishes made with thick noodles in Korean cuisine.

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