What Breed Of Dog Is Noodles The Pooch

The fame of Noodles is rising with each passing day. She has 206k subscribers to her YouTube channel, nearly 200k Instagram followers, and 6k YouTube viewers. 9k people following Noodles on Tiktok alone. This illustrates her influence on social media and her ability to interact effectively with her audience.

At just three years old, Noodles, a Maltipoo, is already an excellent actor and a rising social media influencer. Despite her small size, the way she exudes confidence is incredibly captivating. Her sense of fashion is way better than most humans. She stands out from other pets thanks to her unique and adorable style of wearing braided ear ornaments, adorable hair clips, and tiny sandals. That explains why Noodles is receiving a ton of love from everyone on the planet, not just her parents. Her existence is enough to make anyone’s day.

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Noodles’ journey so far has been quite exciting. She has chronicled her travels, capturing the scenic spots she saw and the long drives she took with her parents. The world finds these canine-perspective adventures to be fascinating. Not only that, but Noodles really enjoys being complimented and is skilled at drawing attention to herself. She is able to captivate those around her at any time by performing any of her forty tricks. She can play hide-and-seek, identify her stuffed animals by name, and even conceal her parents’ socks. Noodles is one of the most adored dogs on social media because of her adorable and mischievous antics.

Noodles’s parents are actively searching for acting roles for her in her future undertakings. Noodles is proud to have worked with SundaysForDogs and Leisure Pets, among other brands. In addition to these, she has been approached by brands unaffiliated with pets or dogs. Bloomingdale has worked on a few videos with her too.

Noodles’s Online Journey

This 3-year-old puppy has experienced an immensely exciting journey; her mother has captured it all on camera, from family vacations to every place they have visited.

Noodles launched their first official Instagram account in 2019 amidst the Covid Lockdown. However, it didn’t receive much attention. However, Noodles quickly became well-known after making her Tiktok debut.

Her parents work very hard to maintain an interesting and up-to-date profile for her. Covid allowed them some free time at home, which they used to train her and turn her into a sensation around the world. “She communicates with us through acting or body language rather than words, so you sort of want to explain what she’s saying to other people in your terms,” Yosa says. “She has this brilliant yet concerned gaze on occasion.” ”.

In relation to Noodles’s social media presence, she boasts approximately 200,000 Instagram followers, 300,000 TikTok followers, and nearly 6,000 YouTube subscribers. Since not even humans become famous this quickly, it is evident how adeptly she engages her audience.

Adoption of NoodlesThePooch

Yosa, the owner of NoodlesThePooch, has been wanting a dog for far too long. She would question her partner about it on a daily basis, and when she eventually acquired it from a Pennsylvania breeder, she was astounded as she had anticipated.

And it didn’t take long for her husband and her to fall head over heels in love with Noodles’ adorableness. Yosa believes that having a pet is a lifetime commitment, and they are ecstatic to have Noodles in their lives.

A Little About Noodles

Noodles, a charming 3-year-old Maltipoo living in New York City, is a budding social media star and a very gifted actress.

She now possesses human characteristics and enjoys praise and compliments. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that Noodles has a quick way of grabbing attention for herself.

Noodles’ mother Yosa taught her about 40 tricks, which she now uses to amuse those around her. She enjoys playing hide-and-seek and is quite skilled at identifying objects, such as her toys. All in all, Noodles’ distinctive performances and charm have made her beloved by everyone, not just her parents.

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