What Can I Add To My Instant Noodles

Simple Add-Ins to Boost Your Ramen Experience

What Can I Add To My Instant Noodles

The simplest and fastest way to make an instant noodle bowl seem better is to use ingredients that don’t need to be cooked further. Im talking simple sauces and condiments like:

This is especially simple for me to do because I am a condiment hoarder (I have a whole double-layered shelf in my fridge, in addition to the entire door and a full pantry cabinet devoted to them). It’s important to avoid using too many competing flavors at once. This is a common error I make after spending a long night out: I think that the more hangover remedies there are, the better. Not the case. Keep it simple. Remember that part of the seasoning packet should be left out if you are using a salty sauce. You can also add:

  • Try adding a cinnamon stick, star anise, and coriander seeds to the simmering broth (be sure to remove them before serving!) or adding spices like white pepper, sichuan pepper, or chile flakes to the finished dish!
  • fats such as chile oil, toasted sesame oil, or animal fat (duck, chicken, or pork are all fantastic options)
  • Citrus juices: Squeezing a little lemon or lime just before serving can greatly enhance the flavor.

But imagine this scenario: Youre in college, the power went out in your dorm room, and you obviously had no choice but to finish all the beer in the fridge rather than let it warm up. Youre hungry, but you cant use the water kettle. Keanu Reeves pops up in your brain and asks: What do you do? What do you do?

The solution is as follows: simply crumple the noodles in the bag, rip off a corner, add the seasoning packet, shake it up while holding the ripped corner, and then eat. Lick your fingers clean after this one. It tastes like Cheetos, but instead of orange cheese, you’re eating “Oriental flavor” fingers. “.

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Turn It Into a Stir-Fry

Making a stir-fry out of ramen is a delicious way to switch it up. Start by sautéing some vegetables in a pan. Broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots, snap peas, bok choy, or any other vegetable you happen to have on hand or are in the mood for can be used.

Making a stir-fry sauce is simple enough. You can make it easy with just soy sauce, garlic, and sweetener, but if you want something healthier, try this recipe for stir-fried date and soy sauce.

When the vegetables are sautéed, add the cooked noodles and stir-fry sauce, tossing to coat everything in the sauce.

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