What Can I Do With Spaghetti Noodles?

Leftover spaghetti noodles recipes
  1. of 64. Spaghetti and Meatballs. …
  2. of 64. Garlicky Spaghetti. …
  3. of 64. Cacio e Pepe. …
  4. of 64. Homemade Spaghetti Sauce. …
  5. of 64. Easy Carbonara. …
  6. of 64. One-Pan Tuna Pasta. …
  7. of 64. Creamy Lemon Pepper Shrimp Spaghetti. …
  8. of 64. Pasta Puttanesca.

Spaghetti and meatballs are a popular comfort food for a reason. It’s a traditional Italian dish that’s filling and ideal for Sunday night dinner. “Spaghetti and meatballs will make anyone smile,” Ree Drummond says. And without those distinctive noodles, it just wouldn’t be the same. Spaghetti is one of those foods that, when you twist it up, makes you feel warm and cozy inside. You’ll find a variety of quick dinners here, including chicken pasta recipes, baked pastas, garlicky noodles, and various ways to use pesto, as well as our favorite spaghetti recipes, including Rees spaghetti and meatballs. You’ll want to pick up a box to keep in your pantry because they are all made with long strands of spaghetti.

Whether it’s a meat sauce, marinara, or creamy cheese sauce, you’ll want to make sure the noodles are completely submerged in the sauce. If you’re wondering what the secret is to a good spaghetti, here’s a hint: it’s all about the sauce. Some of the recipes below, like the slow cooker spaghetti with spicy sausage, even instruct you to cook the pasta in the sauce. Then, prepare your preferred garlic bread for the authentic Italian experience. With the help of these pasta recipes, dinner will be ready in no time!

Cooking these noodles in the hot chicken broth gives them an additional flavor boost. Just make sure to cook them just until al dente since the chicken and sauce finish cooking in the oven.

This rich, filling spaghetti and meatball recipe is one that Ree enjoys making almost as much as she enjoys eating it.

Even if you can’t get your hands on fresh seafood, this dish can be prepared with either fresh or canned clams, making it ideal for busy weeknights. The important part is to use lots of garlic.

Crushed tomato sauce, fresh basil, and melty mozzarella cheese are all flavors that characterize a chicken parmesan and are present in this pasta dish. It even has toasted parmesan breadcrumbs for crunch.

Using wine, oregano, crushed red pepper flakes, and ground beef, this hearty meat sauce is prepared. The best way to eat it is over spaghetti noodles with plenty of parmesan.

Homemade pesto is a breeze to whip up. The preparation time for this dish, which includes quick-cooking shrimp and spaghetti, is under 30 minutes.

This traditional pasta is given a seasonal twist by the addition of real pumpkin puree to the cheesy, eggy sauce. It becomes thick and creamy—perfect for pairing with crispy bacon.

This straightforward but flavorful baked pasta recipe is made with lemon juice, sour cream, and lots of fresh herbs. Itll add brightness to any dinner table.

You’ll use this sauce for other dishes like pizza or ravioli in addition to twirling it around a forkful of spaghetti.

This pesto pasta is served with grilled or baked pesto-marinated chicken, making it suitable for any season.

Layers of spaghetti sauce, ricotta filling, and copious amounts of melty cheese make up this casserole dish. Its the ultimate comfort food.

A spicy jerk cream sauce, mushrooms, and shrimp are all packed into this hearty one-pot meal. Nobody will ever guess that it only took 30 minutes to put together!

In this recipe, the tomatoes are roasted to a thick, jammy consistency that turns them into a sauce on their own. Add zesty lemon, smooth feta, and decadent brown butter for the ideal medley.

Visit Orchids and Sweet Tea for the recipe for Lemon Brown Butter Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes and Feta.

This easy pasta recipe benefits from the hearty addition of cremini mushrooms. They are ideal for a vegetarian dinner because they are meaty and flavorful when cooked with garlic.

The noodles are to be cooked in the sauce rather than in a separate pot of boiling water according to this recipe. That means less clean-up for you!.

The best way to get your family to eat their greens is to combine fresh vegetables with spaghetti and lots of butter. Whatever you do, dont forget the parmesan cheese!.

When you forget to run to the store, you can use this pantry pasta. When you’re really busy, you can jazz it up with freshly grated parmesan and lemon zest, or you can keep it simple.

This recipe is mac and cheese meets Italian dinner. Although you can always add some spinach for more greens, it is also delicious on its own.

Heres another twist on carbonara—made with herby pesto and prosciutto. Its sure to become a new favorite.

Visit Britney Breaks Bread to find the recipe for Pesto Carbonara with Crispy Prosciutto.

The sausage and noodles, along with all the other ingredients for the saucy spaghetti, are prepared in the slow cooker. Its great for feeding a crowd.

This creative dish will put a smile on everyones face. Its served like a pie but it tastes like spaghetti!.

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What Can I Do With Spaghetti Noodles?

Credit goes to Antonis Achilleos; Margaret Dickey styled the food; Kay Clarke styled the props.

Our best spaghetti carbonara recipe is smooth with melted cheese and eggs, brightened with parsley, and spiced with black pepper. We also love this dish for its short cooking time. The ingredients are things we frequently keep on hand, so it’s the ideal weeknight dinner option. The meal can be finished off with a seasonal vegetable or green salad. To make it lighter and more authentic to the Italian original, we also skipped the cream that is frequently added to spaghetti carbonara in the United States. And to keep the recipe interesting in case you find yourself making it repeatedly, we’ve included some variations.

In an airtight container or plastic freezer bag (make sure it’s a “freezer bag” and not a “storage bag”), leftover spaghetti can be frozen for up to three months. Spaghetti only keeps for a few days in the fridge, so freezing it is a great way to prevent waste.

To repurpose my leftover spaghetti, I came up with my own recipes and gathered additional recipes from my fellow food bloggers. These 12 simple leftover spaghetti recipes range from fried leftover spaghetti to leftover spaghetti pie, leftover spaghetti salad, and more. If youre looking for leftover inspiration, look no further!.

The ideal method for reheating frozen spaghetti is to defrost it in the refrigerator overnight, then mix it with 2 teaspoons of water (per cup of spaghetti), and then put the noodles in a dish that can be heated in the microwave. Remove the food from the microwave after 30-45 seconds on full power, stir it, and then re-microwave it for 30 second intervals as necessary to heat it all the way through. Alternatively, you can place your defrosted noodles in a colander or strainer and submerge them in boiling water for about 30 seconds, or until they are warmed through.

My Secret Ingredient Spaghetti Sauce is a regular at our house (and one of the most popular recipes on the blog), so I always have extra noodles. If you love spaghetti but, like me, you always make too much and end up with leftover spaghetti, you need these Leftover Spaghetti Noodle Recipes in your life. I imagine I’m not the only one who is constantly looking for new ways to use up leftover spaghetti noodles.

Although nobody wants to throw away food, the same leftovers can get pretty boring. And the noodles aren’t nearly as appealing when you run out of spaghetti sauce.

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What Can I Do With Spaghetti Noodles?

Credit: Ivy Odom; Kashara Johnson; Gina DeSimone; Prop Styling

Meatloaf and spaghetti, two comfort food staples, are combined in this hearty, kid-friendly recipe to create one epic dinner. Consider it a bolognese inspired by the traditional flavors of meatloaf. The tangy-sweet, boldly beefy sauce provides a delicious sense of familiarity as well as a surprising depth of flavor.

What Can I Do With Spaghetti Noodles?

Credit goes to Greg Dupree, Mindi Shapiro Levine, and Torie Cox for their food and prop styling.

While we adore the sight of a cook spending hours stirring the family’s special Bolognese recipe until it is just right, we have streamlined the process so you can make a delicious meal in under 30 minutes. Cook Italian sausage, peppers, sweet onions, and garlic to make a flavorful meat sauce, then stir in a premium pasta sauce from a jar, like Barilla or Classico.

What Can I Do With Spaghetti Noodles?

Korean kimchi invigorates a standby weeknight dinner. While you prepare the meatballs, bring the pasta water to a boil.


What can I add to my spaghetti noodles?

Zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and butternut or acorn squash are all wonderful additions to a pasta dish, along with some minced garlic, olive oil, and herbs. Naturally, you can also make your own cheese sauce at home by combining milk or cream, grated cheese, flour or cornstarch, salt, and pepper.

What can I do with a box of noodles?

6 Recipes to Make With a Box of Pasta
  1. Pasta Salad. A large bowl of pasta salad is the epitome of summertime.
  2. Rigatoni Alla Vodka. No sauce? …
  3. Mac & Cheese. To make the ultimate comfort food, use the extra box of macaroni or cavatappi!
  4. Caesar Salad. …
  5. Skillet Lasagna. …
  6. Stir-Fry.

What to do with spaghetti noodles when you don’t have sauce?

On hot pasta, butter with cracked pepper or red pepper flakes melts nicely. Just toss it for an instant sauce. Lemon zest, herbs, and spices are all optional flavorings that can be found in any kitchen. If you have compound butter, that’s great because you need it in situations like this.

What can I add to pasta if I have no sauce?

Without using sauce, cheese is an excellent way to flavor your pasta. You can create a delicious meal with just a few ingredients by combining your angel hair pasta with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. All types of noodles taste fantastic when seasoned with garlic butter.

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