What Can I Use Instead Of Lasagna Noodles

Lasagna Noodle Pasta with Ricotta and Meat Sauce

Don’t omit the noodles the next time you’re craving traditional lasagna in order to stay Keto. Hold the zucchini for a casserole version. Try our easy, delicious low-carb lasagna recipe with cheesy noodles as well. Savor this new classic, Keto Lasagna Noodle Pasta with Ricotta and Meat Sauce—it’s that good!

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Using an 8 x 11-inch Pyrex dish, I began by swiping very thinly at the bottom with my sauce mixture. Place 1.5 egg sheets on the ground, trimming off any excess, and assembling them to cover the bottom. After spreading out half of the meat sauce, add another layer of egg white on top. Cover with the final sheet of egg white and pieces after spreading the spinach and cheese mixture. Cover the top with the remaining meat sauce and top with the shredded cheeses. Make sure the meat sauce covers any exposed egg layers by tucking them into the dish’s side. This ensures the egg whites don’t overcook and become rubbery. There is not much bake time because the ingredients have already been cooked. Basically, it’s just to let the layers settle and the cheeses melt. Bake for ten to fifteen minutes at 350°F, or until the edges begin to bubble quickly. To lightly toast the top layer, turn the oven to broil for an additional five minutes or so.

I adore lasagna just as much as the next orange, fluffy cat, but after tasting this dish, I began to doubt my preference for other types of noodles. It sliced beautifully, the meat sauce and ricotta mixture took center stage, and the egg whites created layers that were beyond doubt. The next day, I couldn’t wait the 90 seconds for the microwave to work because the leftovers were so delicious that I even ate the first bites cold.

Combine the ricotta cheese, chopped spinach, garlic powder, and salt to taste in a small bowl. Set aside.

Apply a thin layer of oil to the bottom and sides of a wok or wide-bottomed skillet. Using a pan over medium heat, fry five thin circles of egg white, coating the pan with oil between each fry. Because each layer of egg white is ⅓ cup, portioning will be made easier if you use a measuring cup. Place the egg circles in a stack on the dish that has been oiled, leaving a tiny bit of parchment between each layer. You’re ready to assemble!.

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