What Does Clam Chowder Taste Like?

A New England Clam Chowder is creamy and thick like you’re sipping a gravy with tender chunks of potatoes that almost feel like it melts in your month. You’ll also love the contrasting flavor of the saltiness and smokiness of the bacon and the fading bitterness of fresh “oceany” clams.

One of my favorite simple soup recipes is thick and creamy clam chowder, and this one has all the classic ingredients we adore, like diced potatoes, vegetables, and plenty of delectable clams.

Bar Harbor New England Clam Chowder

What Does Clam Chowder Taste Like?

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Another condensed soup that instructs you to adjust the consistency by adding milk or water I only added a small amount of milk, but water would work just as well. Although the potatoes have a lot of creaminess, it is not overpowering or coating. The clams are well-prepared and flavorful, and the chowder isn’t overly fishy. I would choose this one to go with a sandwich for lunch.

Campbell’s Condensed New England Clam Chowder

What Does Clam Chowder Taste Like?

Credit: Walmart

The instructions state to thin out this condensed soup with one can of milk, which I did. It comes together nicely once heated, but the condensed soup was not very tasty. This soup’s potatoes, in my opinion, were not quite tender enough; as a result, they had a sandy, mouth-coating texture. The clam pieces were relatively small, which prevented them from tasting chewy, and the flavor of the potato and clams was well-balanced.

Boudin San Francisco Wharf clam chowder

While the aforementioned Ivars Puget Sound Style Clam Chowder is forgettable, dont let that sour you on what the West Coast is capable of doing when it comes to mastering the art of clam chowder. Boudin San Francisco Wharf clam chowder is crafted in the Bay Area and its so tasty that it is sure to make even New Englanders fall head over heels for it. The potatoes, in particular, are perfect in terms of taste and texture and are the optimal match for the clam flavor.

According to the National Park Service, in San Francisco, clam chowder is typically served in a bowl made out of sourdough bread. To taste Boudin San Francisco Clam Chowder at its absolute best, you need to eat it out of a sourdough bread bowl or at least dip pieces of sourdough bread into it. That elevates it from a really good soup to unforgettable clam chowder that youll be telling your friends and family about.

For forty years, Newport, Rhode Island has hosted The Great Chowder Cook-Off each year (source: Whats Up Newport). Every year, a world champion for the best clam chowder is named. Three times, Tonys Clam Chowder claimed the coveted title of best clam chowder in the world. You only need to taste this magnificent soup once to realize that it truly deserves to be among the top five in our ranking and that it is some seriously next-level stuff.

The extra-large peppery kick in Tony’s Clam Chowder sets it apart from the competition. The recipe’s black pepper adds just the right amount of heat to keep you on your toes while you enjoy all of the natural clam chowder goodness. If the idea of spicy food makes you nervous, don’t worry because there is enough mild creaminess to soothe your tongue before you tuck into your next mouthful of outstanding, award-winning cuisine.

If you want voluptuous Manhattan clam chowder that is thick in all the right places, reach for a can of Campbells Chunky Manhattan clam chowder. As the name implies, you wont need to break out a microscope to figure out what ingredients are in this soup. This clam chowder has unmistakably large pieces of clams, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, celery, red bell peppers, and green bell peppers. While you chew, the explosions of flavor in your mouth will leave your taste buds in a state of ecstasy.

As previously stated, Campbell’s doesn’t offer a New England clam chowder worth purchasing. But given that it’s simple to locate on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store and that there’s enough to keep you entertained, this Manhattan clam chowder is easily good enough to be the only soup of its kind that you ever purchase. By comparison, all other Manhattan clam chowder will seem and taste small.


How would you describe New England clam chowder?

A thick chowder made with clams, potatoes, onions, occasionally salt pork, and milk or cream is known as New England clam chowder. As the soup’s base, the recipe typically specifies heavy cream, light cream, or whole milk.

Is clam chowder good for you?

Clam chowder nutrition According to Walsh, it’s among the worst soups a person can consume. It’s high in fat, calories and sodium. Clam chowder contains 180 calories per cup. A cup of clam chowder contains 20 grams of carbohydrates, 8 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein in terms of macronutrient breakdown.

What is typically in clam chowder?

Milk, butter, potatoes, salt pork, onions, and clams are frequently used in its preparation. As a thickener, flour or, historically, crushed hard tack may be used. New England clam chowder is usually accompanied by oyster crackers. Crushed crackers can be added to the soup as a thickener or garnish.

What is the most popular clam chowder?

New England, specifically Boston, is where the most famous variety of clam chowder originated. Whole milk, light cream, or heavy cream are used to make the broth. The only vegetables are potatoes and onions, and the usual toppings are oyster crackers.

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