What Is The Best Wood To Smoke A Turkey Breast?

What are the best types of wood for smoking turkey?
  • Pecan. One of the most common woods used in meat smoking, pecan provides an excellent combination of sweetness, smokiness, and sharpness to your turkey meat. …
  • Maple. …
  • Cherry. …
  • Apple. …
  • Alder. …
  • Hickory. …
  • Oak. …
  • Mesquite.

You won’t want to ruin the turkey by selecting the incorrect wood if you’ve been given the task of smoking it. Due to the thin flesh of the turkey, care must be taken when choosing a smoking wood. Thanksgiving could be ruined if you choose the wrong wood because the smoke flavor could overpower your bird. I was looking for the best wood for smoking turkey, as well as which woods to stay away from.

One of the softer, less harsh woods from the fruit family is the best wood for smoking turkey. Popular options for turkey include cherry, apple, and pecan, which will give your bird a pleasant scent and color. Stronger woods like hickory and mesquite should be avoided because they produce a potent smoke flavor that will ruin a turkey. The thin turkey flesh doesn’t require much smoke, so pick a wood that emits a soft, light smoke. The turkey’s natural flavors will be enhanced by the softer wood rather than being overpowered by an excessive amount of smoke flavor. On beef or pork, stronger woods like hickory or oak work well, but the strong smoke flavors will overwhelm the thin turkey skin and turn your bird bitter.

You can use a turkey with so many different types of wood, but try not to overthink it. Experiment and mix-and-match the flavors. Your bird should turn out fine as long as you are using nice, seasoned wood and stay away from the stronger woods.

One of the most popular woods for smoking turkey is cherry because it not only produces a nice, sweet flavor but also looks good with a dark mahogany hue. Turkey goes well with a cherry and apple mixture. If you don’t like your turkey to be too dark, apple blends well with cherries and softens their color. Another great combination is oak and cherry wood, but you should always use the stronger wood with caution.

Apple wood is ideal for smoking all poultry because it will give your bird a mild, mellow flavor. Pear, plum, and almond wood all yield results similar to those of apple wood.

The flavor of pecan wood is more potent than that of the other fruitwoods, and it has a nice delicate flavor that will give your turkey a nice, nutty flavor.

Another common wood that smokes a turkey well is maple. Because maple is a mild wood that has a hint of sweetness, it makes the ideal pellet for poultry.

Pear wood is a fantastic option if you want to give your turkey an extra sweet flavor. Pear is like apple wood except much sweeter. Pear wood doesn’t produce a harsh smoke like the other fruit woods, making it a perfect complement for delicate meat like poultry.

Hickory-flavored smoke made from plum wood has a similar flavor, but it is not nearly as potent. The soft, sweet flavor of plum, like that of other fruit woods, makes it suitable for smoking turkey.

Your turkey will have a sweet, nutty flavor thanks to almond wood. Almond wood is sold in tiny bags of pellets and is frequently compared to pecan.

Hickory should only be used sparingly because of its potent flavor. It’s not advised to use hickory for smoked turkey because it might overpower the flavor of the bird and make all you taste is smoke. However, a small amount of hickory will add a lovely smoky flavor and blend well with fruit woods. Some people have noted that hickory has a distinct bacon flavor. If you must use some hickory, combine it with apple pellets to make the smoke more pleasant.

Although oak is a versatile wood that can impart a pleasant smoky flavor to your turkey, it is too potent on its own. Like hickory, oak blends best with fruity wood types. Combining woods can give your turkey a lovely depth of flavor.

Apple Wood

Apple wood is among the best fruitwoods for giving your whole turkey a delicately sweet flavor. The turkey’s natural flavor is not overpowered by the smoke, which is not particularly aromatic. The best way to smoke a turkey with apples is to do so slowly and carefully, being especially careful not to dry out the bird by adding a water pan to the smoker or by basting it frequently.

Beginner grillers should use apples to smoke a whole turkey. If you keep the right temperature and make sure the middle of the bird warms up, very little can go wrong. Using a meat probe can be a handy option. If you want to combine various types of wood for a flavor profile that is richer, more complex, and multilayered, apple is another excellent option.

Bear Mountain Wood Pellets : Apple
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  • Low moisture
Western Premium Wood Chips : Apple
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Weber Wood Chunks : Apple
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Maple Wood

Try smoking with maple if you want a mild, sweet, fragrant turkey that tastes and looks like a million bucks. The taste of maple smoke is very mild and has a hint of honey and a slightly sweet floral note. This complements the turkey’s rich, golden color, which maple smoke can produce, particularly well.

Maple can be an obvious choice if you want to maintain the natural flavors of your turkey while enhancing it with a few picky herbs and aromatics and a hint of sweet smoke. The visual appeal of maple-smoked turkey is also excellent, especially when served with the proper glaze or sauce.

Bear Mountain Wood Pellets : Maple
  • No binders or fillers
  • Works well with all major grill brands
  • Low moisture
Western Premium Wood Chips : Maple
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  • Heat treated
  • Large sized chips
Western Premium Cooking Chunks : Maple
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Other Wood Types for a Stronger Smoke Flavor

Despite the fact that we believe our earlier selections should pair best with turkey, some consumers might prefer stronger smoke flavors. After all, it all depends on your preference. These are also fantastic choices if you plan to smoke a turkey for a backyard barbecue rather than a holiday meal.

Because they have robust flavors, most people pair the following woods with steak, brisket, or ribs. However, if you’d rather, you can still use them for turkey.

Additionally, while mesquite is a well-liked and tasty wood to use, it doesn’t go well with turkey. Because mesquite is so potent, the flavor of your turkey meat will be completely overwhelmed.

Here, the hickory wood is present in all its earthy glory, rather than the cherry wood that we previously mentioned adding hints of for a more potent effect.

It is a classic for smoking and has a distinct, strong flavor.

However, if you’re new to this, you should think twice before beginning to smoke your turkey with hickory. Trying to calculate how much wood to use to achieve a flavor balance that is acceptable can be a little difficult. To find that ideal point, it might take some trial and error.

Hickory wood is pretty versatile, too. It boasts an extensive range of flavors, from sweet to savory. However, the secret to discovering the ideal flavor entirely depends on how you like your turkey. Most Versatile BBQ Wood.

Yes, because of its deep and rich flavors, oak is another popular choice for smoking red meat. However, many people prefer it because its smoke doesn’t have the same strong scent as hickory.

Additionally, you can combine it with apple or cherry to produce a flavorful blend of earthy and sweet notes. Although it’s not frequently served with poultry, you can try it if you’d like.

Who knows, maybe it’ll match your tastes. What the Pros Use.

All three types of wood – chunks, chips, and pellets – are essentially the same thing: hardwood used to season and cook food.

What kind of smoker you have at home will determine which type of wood is best for you.

You should smoke your turkey with wood pellets if you have a pellet smoker. These pellets are intended to be used in a pellet smoker only.

Most electric smokers use wood chips as flavoring, but many of their wood trays can also take wood pellets with relative ease.

Last but not least, traditional offset smokers and charcoal smokers work best with wood chunks or logs.


Is apple wood good for smoking turkey?

Apple. Apple is a traditional side dish for turkey because it is sweet and fruity but much more subdued than cherry or pecan. You should allow apple smoke to linger on your turkey for a long time because it is very mild. Make sure to keep a close eye on your bird to prevent it from drying out.

Do you smoke a turkey breast side up or down?

You must keep the turkey breast side down if your smoker has a heat source at the top. Keeping the turkey’s breast side up or down as you did at the beginning of the smoking process will do; there is no need to flip it halfway through. To catch any juices, be sure to place a drip pan beneath the grates.

What is the best wood chips to smoke a turkey?

Skip the flavor-heavy woods when you are smoking poultry. Strong-flavored woods like hickory and mesquite can be overwhelming because turkey absorbs the flavor and color of the smoke it is in. Grab a box or bag of fruitwood (such as apple or peach) and fire up the smoker because sweet woods go well with turkey.

What is the best flavor pellets to smoke a turkey?

To give the turkey another layer of flavor, use sweet smoke. Try mixing cherry, pecan, or apple hardwood pellets.

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