What Noodles Are Used For The Spicy Noodle Challenge

History of the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge

The Fire Noodle Challenge was started in February 2014 by popular YouTuber “영국남자 Korean Englishman”.

Josh, the YouTuber, discovered “Fire Chicken Noodles” in several of the mail packages he received from fans.

Josh challenged some of his friends in the UK to finish a serving of noodles shortly after they were delivered.

As a YouTuber, Josh had the cameras rolling as he and his friends attempted to eat the spicy noodles, and he made viral video gold.

Josh edited the video and posted it to YouTube, starting the Fire Noodle Challenge!

Purchase options and add-ons

Brand Samyang
Flavor Chicken
Item Form Paste
Package Information Pouch
Number of Items 5
  • Korean HOT Spicy Noodle

What Noodles Are Used For The Spicy Noodle Challenge

What Noodles Are Used For The Spicy Noodle Challenge

What Noodles Are Used For The Spicy Noodle Challenge

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The Fire Noodle Challenge Goes Viral

The original Fire Noodle Challenge had a straightforward concept: just attempt to consume a full serving of Samyang’s Buldak-Bokkeum-Myeon, also known as Korean Fire Noodles.

Even though most of the competitors in the first video were able to finish the noodles, it didn’t appear to be an easy task.

I was able to deduce that these noodles were spicy from the video’s audio and visual cues alone, without even trying the noodles!

It’s not surprising that people watched and shared the video because it was entertaining. Because there was a white male in the UK who could speak Korean fluently, it became very popular in Korea.

Josh’s first viral video on his channel was the result of the challenge, which also provided a solid basis for his rise to over 2. 4 million subscribers today.

The original Fire Noodle Challenge video has received over 8 million views as of this writing. 8 million views with over 7. 5K comments.

As word of Josh’s video got out there, people started making and posting their own challenge videos.

Approximately 736,000 results are returned when searching for “Fire Noodle Challenge” videos on YouTube. That’s a lot of spicy noodle eating!.

Some even went so far as to consume several portions of the already-spicy dish or add extras like chili powder and peppers.

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