What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

The best noodles for beef stroganoff:

For whatever reason, egg noodles taste the best with beef stroganoff. I think it has something to do with their chewy texture that holds up so well against the creamy savory sauce.

Beef stroganoff is the original family favorite skillet meal. Making it is simple, and depending on what you have on hand or what is on sale, you can easily change the type of meat you used. You won’t believe this meal only takes 30 minutes to prepare because it’s so decadent and delicious!

No one can dispute that beef stroganoff is the ultimate comfort food because it is so quick and simple to make from scratch and contains so much rich, creamy sauce and flavorful beef. Even the picky, anti-mushroom people in the room will want seconds!

Although we are familiar with and adore this recipe with egg noodles, beef stroganoff was historically served with potatoes and has also been known to go well with rice. Although there are countless variations of egg noodles, there is something for everyone.

About the BEEF:

The fact that this stroganoff recipe uses ground beef is one of the things I love most about it. Since I rarely have steak on hand for a dinner like this, I don’t use it. However, I usually have some ground beef in my freezer ready to be used during the hectic dinner rush.

All types of beef are used in stroganoff recipes, but you are more than welcome to use your preferred variety, such as:

What Pasta to Serve with Beef Stroganoff?

Egg noodles are the ideal type of pasta to serve with beef stroganoff. Because they soak up the sauce of the dish and are very filling, egg noodles are the ideal choice.

You don’t have to worry about making sure there is enough sauce in your bowl after you finish eating because egg noodles are great for soaking up any extra sauce.

What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

There are so many varieties of pasta, and each one has a distinctive texture, flavor, and nutrient makeup.

When selecting the ideal one for your beef stroganoff, be sure to choose one that will enhance the flavors of your dish.

The following 11 pasta varieties pair well with beef stroganoff:

What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

Source: AllRecipes.com

My preferred choice for this dish is egg noodles because they are delicate enough to let the beef stand out without getting buried in the sauce.

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Plus, even after being cooked in a rich sauce like this one, their soft texture makes them easy to chew.

Additionally, they are simple to prepare: simply boil them until tender, then thoroughly drain them before re-incorporating them with your other ingredients in the pan.

If you don’t have the time to make egg noodles from scratch, look for pre-made ones at your neighborhood grocery store (or even at Costco).

What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

Because it has a thick, chewy texture that really holds onto the sauce, fettuccine is a great option for beef stroganoff.

Additionally, it has a large surface area, so you can use the same quantity of fettuccine as you would regular spaghetti and still get twice as much flavor.

Because it has the same flavor and texture as traditional pasta but more fiber and nutrients than white flour, I like to use whole wheat fettuccine.

What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

Additionally, I adore using linguine in beef stroganoff because of its distinct texture, which makes the sauce adhere to the noodles much better.

It’s ideal for an entrée that is hearty enough to withstand all of that rich, delicious sauce because the shape of the noodle also gives you a little bit more bite than traditional spaghetti.

You can try making one of these 46 simple linguine recipes tonight.

Be sure to heed the following advice to get the most flavor from your linguine:

  • Make sure to cook your pasta fairly al dente, so that it doesn’t end up mushy and overcooked by the time you’re ready to add it to your sauce. After all, we don’t want our meat and veggies swimming in sauce; we want them clinging onto each other!
  • Also important: Don’t rinse your noodles! This will prevent them from absorbing as much flavor from your beef stroganoff as possible, which defeats the purpose of making this dish at home instead of going out somewhere fancy where they’ll probably do all this work for you anyway.
  • What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    Its shape is ideal for retaining the sauce, and it has a great texture that is slightly chewy on the outside and tender on the inside.

    It’s also very versatile, so I love using it with everything from creamy sauces to tomato-based ones.

    The ideal method for cooking this type of pasta is to boil it until it floats to the top, then drain it before serving with sauce.

    While you wait for the other ingredients to finish cooking, this will help keep it from overcooking.

    What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    Pappardelle, which is wide and flat so it can hold a lot of sauce and meat, is one of my favorite kinds of pasta.

    Additionally, it has enough substance to resist becoming soggy next to a hearty meat dish like stroganoff.

    I enjoy adding red wine to pappardelle when making it to give the noodles more flavor.

    The only challenge with making this kind of pasta is that it takes longer to cook than other kinds of pasta, so keep an eye on it as it simmers on the stovetop!

    What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    You don’t have to worry about having too much or too little sauce because spaghetti is a good way to soak up all of the flavor in your beef stroganoff.

    Additionally, it cooks quickly, allowing you to quickly prepare dinner for your family.

    And if you’re looking for an extra-special touch?

    You can even add bacon strips!

    What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    Penne is the only pasta you need if you want it to go well with the flavors in your beef stroganoff.

    This particular variety of pasta, in my opinion, has a great texture and a rich flavor that make it ideal for beef stroganoff.

    Because it has just the right amount of substance to hold up to the sauce without being overly heavy on its own, I like to use penne.

  • To make sure your penne gets perfectly cooked every time, try this tip: add some salt to your water before you add the pasta! This will help season the penne and prevent it from sticking together or cooking unevenly.
  • What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    There are numerous varieties of the spiral-shaped pasta known as “fusilli.”

    Due to its medium-sized hole structure, which enables it to thoroughly absorb the mouthwatering juices from your meat and sauce, it is ideal for beef stroganoff.

    Additionally, it has a very small surface area, so you can get every last drop of sauce in every bite while eating.

    Fusilli’s texture is another aspect that makes it ideal for this dish.

    Each bite still tastes like it instead of blending into something else entirely thanks to the soft chewiness and nice bouncy bite that stands up to all those rich flavors without becoming overwhelmed by them.

    What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    Have you ever used farfalle in beef stroganoff? If not, check out these other farfalle recipes.

    This dish calls for one of my favorite types of pasta.

    The “bow-tie” noodles’ shape adds a lot of texture, and the ridges on them help them catch all the rich, creamy sauces that you’ll be pouring over them.

    I always advise including farfalle at the very end of the cooking process when using it in recipes.

    The texture will be much better if the noodles stay firm and chewy, so you want to add as little liquid as you can to prevent them from becoming overly soft and mushy.

    What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    Rotini is the best option if you want something chewy and tender that can withstand the rich sauce of beef stroganoff.

    Generally speaking, when cooked, rotini has a firm texture that holds its shape well.

    Don’t miss out on these easy rotini pasta recipes.

    Additionally, it has a cute little nub that is ideal for picking up bites of beef stroganoff at each end.

    The best thing about rotini is that it tastes great on its own or with other sauces like Alfredo or marinara, so there are lots of ways you can use leftovers from your meal!

    What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    Campanelle is another one of my favorite kinds of pasta.

    Additionally, there are a ton of simple campanelle pasta recipes available.

    It has a distinct texture that is both chewy and firm as well as smooth and soft.

    Additionally, each noodle has tiny ridges on the outside that are ideal for catching sauce and holding it in place.

    This means you get a mouthful of flavor every time.

    Because it stands up so well to the strong flavors in this dish—the rich sauce, the creamy sour cream, and even some red wine if you want—I love using campanelle in my beef stroganoff.

    Additionally, it has sufficient structure to resist all those potent flavors without becoming mushy or crumbling too quickly.

    What Noodles Do You Use For Stroganoff?

    Easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe | 1-Minute Video

    First, a few quick notes about ingredients. (Amounts are included in the full recipe below. ) Include the following items on your shopping list for the best beef stroganoff recipe:

  • Mushrooms: I’m partial to baby bella mushrooms for this recipe, but just about any variety or combination of mushrooms will work in this recipe.
  • Steak: I recommend flank steak, but any stir-fry-friendly cut of steak will do. Be sure to thinly-slice the steak against the grain so that it will be nice and tender. (Or you can opt to make beef stroganoff with ground beef instead, if you prefer.)
  • Sauce Ingredients: Butter, onion, garlic, white wine, beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, flour and plain Greek yogurt (or sour cream) are the ingredients used to make classic beef stroganoff sauce. If you prefer not to cook with wine, feel free to just add in a little extra beef stock instead.
  • Egg Noodles: I always grew up eating stroganoff served over egg noodles, but rice, polenta, quinoa, zoodles or any other kind of noodles would also be delicious.
  • Garnishes: Finally, feel free to sprinkle on some chopped fresh parsley as a colorful garnish. Plus I always like to add an extra twist of black pepper too.
  • FAQ

    Does noodles still have steak stroganoff?

    We did make the difficult choice to remove steak stroganoff, but if you’re interested, we’d be happy to provide some specific recommendations.

    What goes good with stroganoff?

    Egg noodles are a particular kind of noodle made from eggs and flour. Other varieties of noodles, like the premade pasta used in spaghetti, are made with flour and water. Eggs and flour are combined to create the dough for egg noodles until they resemble clay.

    What are in egg noodles?

    Stroganoff is a Russian dish that is typically made with beef; what is mushroom stroganoff? It has a creamy sauce made from sour cream. Stroganoff can be prepared in a variety of ways from different nations, so no two will ever be exactly alike, as is the case with most traditional recipes.

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