What Size Treble Hook For King Mackerel?

Use a 2/0 nose hook, connect a No. 4 treble with a 4-inch piece of No. 4 or No. 5 wire and finish by attaching a second trailer segment with the same tackle.

Use treble hooks if you want to fix worn-out hooks on your lures, create your own lures, or tie your own leaders for fishing with live or dead bait.

I am aware from personal experience of how frustrating it can be to purchase a large quantity of trebles, set them up with your lures or leaders, and begin fishing with them only to discover that they rust and become blunted after a short period of time.

I therefore made the decision to write this useful beginners’ guide on the best treble hooks for fishing in order to make it simpler for you to select high-quality hooks that penetrate the fish well and stay sharp.

The trebles I prefer to use for lure fishing, fishing with smaller live baits, and fishing with larger live or dead baitfish are all included in this article.

What size hooks for mackerel feathers?

Most daylights and feathers have size 2/0 hooks installed because this is the perfect size for catching mackerel, which is the primary species that most anglers target when using this kind of lure.

What is the best time to catch king mackerel?

When the water temperature reaches 68 degrees in late March, the kings typically arrive and remain until mid-November. They are relatively easy to catch with some good techniques. They can be caught trolling or drifting. They can be caught using a variety of lures, including live and frozen baits.

Keith Brack played the fish expertly from our anchored boat. We immediately iced this fish, and using a nearly identical setup, we threw out another king crusher bait. The trophy king struck quickly, severing the bait and somehow missing the hooks. The conflict began when it turned around and bit the head in one go. Hanrahan took the rod, and with a gentle drag, the enormous king continued to take line. Thankfully, the fish came to a stop with only 25% of the line still on the reel. Hanrahan put up a long, arduous fight, but when I gaffed the fish and heaved it into the cockpit, its weight of 50 pounds, 6 ounces completely changed our attitudes.

Since the gear was at anchor and on a hard surface, line capacity and toughness are problems. Our designated live bait outfits are tied to a 20-foot top shot of 30-pound fluorocarbon with a Bristol knot and spooled with either 30-pound or 50-pound braid that ends in a Bimini twist. The fluorocarbon is less noticeable and acts as a buffer against the no-stretch braid. The matched jigging rods have an ultralight feel but plenty of backbone, and the Penn Torque 100 and 200 reels have plenty of line capacity.

Yeah, yeah, yeah King mackerel anglers have been told repeatedly that using feisty live baits, light drag settings, tiny treble or single hooks, and ultralight wire will help fool them. There is no denying that this method is effective because many large kings are still caught using it on live menhaden, hardtails, goggle-eyes, and even fresh ribbonfish. But you might think about departing from this strategy if you want to consistently win the awards.

The King Cut Big baits come next in the equation. Kings are “slashers,” which means they sever and consume a portion of a large prey on the strike before swinging back for the leftovers. With this method, we opt for a legal-size yellowtail, cero, or Spanish mackerel rather than a small piece of bait. Some of our baits would look good on dinner plates. I’ve caught big kingfish using a variety of lures, including goggle-eye, blue runner, live ballyhoo, horse pilchard, threadfin herring, and speedo, but none of them have consistently produced the same results as big yellowtails, cero, and Spanish mackerel.

To prevent the 38-pound-test wire leader from kinking and breaking, I fish with a relatively light drag. I leave the rod in the holder on the strike and advance the drag until one of the circle hooks sets once the king has complete control of the bait. If a king misses the strike and there is still some bait on the rig, free-spool it and be prepared to counter when the king circles back to pick it off. Then someone picks up the outfit and has fun.


What size hooks for kingfish rig?

Product Description. Our Kingfish Stinger Rigs have a 2/0 9407 J hook, a #4 4X strong Mustad Treble hook, and a 40lb steel leader. The stinger measures 5 to 6 inches long, and the main leader is 28 inches long. The swivel is a #4 rolling swivel.

How do I know what size treble hook to get?

The millimeters of wire used to measure hook sizes The hook will be smaller the higher the treble size. A #12 treble, for instance, is significantly smaller than a #2 treble.

What line do you use for king mackerel?

For Spanish mackerel, he typically uses a fluorocarbon leader weighing 30 to 40 pounds, though he may switch to a heavier leader if kingfish are present. If he’s targeting kings, he normally uses #3 wire leader.

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