What To Do With Pool Noodles?

There is nothing better than giving something that you have stored in your garage a new purpose. Making amazing things out of used materials has always been a passion of mine. Enter the Pool Noodle. We should go get some pool noodle hacks because I’m super excited about them and because I have a few worn-out pool noodle pieces that could use a new life.

1. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a pool noodle summer wreath that you can customize to fit the size of your door.

2. Replace those worn out trampoline safety pads with pool noodles. A cleaver idea to make sure of a safe landing. See how here!.

3. One of the most inventive ways to decorate your pool is to make candy cane decorations out of your pool noodles. Perfect for Christmas time!.

5. Turn boring pool noodles into your child’s preferred playground with just some duct tape and some pool noodles!

6. This idea is fantastic and would make a wonderful Christmas present for my toddler. make your own Quiet Blocks!.

7. One of these foam Star Wars lightsabers was given to my son at a party. Make them their own lightsabers for Star Wars fans of all ages, he had a blast with it!

8. This Pool Noodle Water Wall looks like a blast. The only issue would be that the kids would enjoy bathtime for hours and not want it to end!

9. If you’ve ever had trouble filling a mop bucket, try using pool noodles. See it here!.

10. Love seeing these adorable babies! A great idea to support your rolling children is to place a noodle under the fitted sheet as a bumper.

11. Yea! This inexpensive DIY Backyard Sprinkler Tunnel looks like a good time.

12. Check out this easy pool noodle hack to use those noodles to keep your boots upright!

13. Check out this genius cake stand made out of old pool noodles if you’re making cake pops and need a place to put them!

14. This is a great way to use a pool noodle to make a door stopper! Have you ever had fingers caught in slammed doors at your home? We have several times!

15. The noodles can be used for your Raingutter Regatta; simply cut them into small sections, decorate them, and you’re ready to sail!

16. Oh man this looks fun. It’s a great game for kids of all ages, and I’ve got to keep this in mind for the summer. Visit this page for a fantastic tutorial on creating a pool noodle goal post!

17. The best fighting tool would be these Ninja Turtle Nunchucks because they are safe to use.

18. Use your noodles to help you with spelling! My preschoolers would adore this one!

19. Add some tights to your extra pool noodles for some witch legs, and your Halloween decorations are complete!

20. Check out this brilliant idea if you’ve ever experienced pants creases while hanging up!

How about you? I think it’s time to use my noodle (ha!) and create some awesome things.

Toys made out of pool noodles

Get creative with the vibrant floating pool noodles and transform them into anything from a racetrack to light sabers!

Slice a pool noodle length wise to make 2 perfect race tracks! For the complete tutorial check out Ramblings from Utopia.

Pool noodle blocks are the ideal quiet-time activity for preschoolers who love blocks but detest the thunder when the towers fall. See how to make pool noodle blocks at C. R. A. F. T.

Set up an indoor soccer game with the same quiet blocks and a cardboard box goal. The quiet noodle blocks are especially advantageous because they cannot harm any objects. R. A. F. T.

Pool noodles turned basket ball hoops for balls of all sizes. Beach ball basket ball is a great indoor game if it’s too hot or too cold to play outside. More indoor basketball details on Ever Never Again.

is brilliant, but it’s difficult to locate brown pool noodles. I advise following the instructions in step #9 (above) to create fake logs, after which you should use a kitchen knife to cut out notches in each log. This would be hours of building fun!.

If the force is with you, turn a pool noodle into a light saber! Check out the full tutorial at Crafty blog stalker.

Who knew a little rope, a hot glue gun, felt, and google eyes could turn a plain ol’ pool noodle into a pony! See the complete pool noodle horse tutorial at Mrs. King’s Music Class.

What kiddo doesn’t love swords? Craft up a a few soft swords with pool noodles at Or So She Says.

It’s like Mr. Potato head but with pool noodle blocks and golf tees! See all the details at Time for Play.

Julie from We Need More Glitter added shaving cream to the pool noodle blocks for a creative outdoor sensory activity.

If you an airplane obsessed kiddo, you don’t want to miss these pool noodle turned airplanes from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

Making and flying these rocket flingers are both enjoyable experiences. The full directions can be found at Cheap Fun for Boys and Girls.

Ring toss is a fun backyard game, but have you ever thought of making an extra large ring toss with pool noodles, duck tape, and wooden dowels? See the full tutorial at The Joys of Boys.

pool-noodle-race-trackPool noodle race track. Have kids that love matchbox cars? Why not make them a homemade race track!? It’s easy and lot of fun! Just slice a noodle lengthwise, using a serrated knife and then pin them together with toothpicks! See more at Ramblings from Utopia

Updated again, we’ll keep adding to it as long as you keep coming up with creative ways to use our regular Pool Noodles, or our Jumbo Pool Noodles!

pool-noodle-thronePool noodle throne. Maybe getting in the water isn’t really your thing. Why not make yourself a throne for sitting poolside? Be the King, or Queen. Really, there’s no end to the many uses for the noble pool noodle. Fit for a King! Make your own with these instructions from popsugar

Kick Croquet Lawn Game, by Inner Child Fun, is a fun game for kids to burn off some energy.

You can use Pool Noodles in the Pool! You can use Pool Noodles in the Pool!

30. These simple blocks by I Can Teach my Child are perfect for quiet time, indoors or out.

33. Therapy Fun Zone has turned pool noodles into a javelin throw with a simple tutorial. (Browse around – there are more great ideas there using pool noodles).

17. Tangles with Teaching used pool noodles for an integral part of this Dr. Suess themed classroom.

11. PBS has a great tutorial for making hobby horses from pool noodles.

32. Turn pool noodles into a massive building toy by making these connectors via A Little Pinch of Perfect.


What can pool noodles be used for?

12 Ways Pool Noodles Are Totally Awesome Outside the Pool
  • of 13. Create a Wreath Form. …
  • of 13. Stop Doors From Slamming. …
  • of 13. Help Your Boots Keep Their Shape. …
  • of 13. Keep Your Cards Close. …
  • of 13. Make Bathtime More Fun. …
  • of 13. Corral Cute Headbands. …
  • of 13. Make a Soft Playhouse. …
  • of 13. Create a Beverage Boat.

What can I do with lots of pool noodles?

Despite being the most affordable and straightforward method of construction, pool noodle foam is more likely to degrade after prolonged use than other types of foam.

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