Where Are Chow Mein Noodles In The Grocery Store?

Chow mein noodles are an essential staple in many dishes and provide a perfect balance of texture and flavor. They can be found in many international cuisines, from Chinese to Italian to American. While these noodles can be made from scratch, the ease of convenience makes it more practical to buy them pre-made. But, finding the right variety of chow mein noodles can be a bit of a challenge. Many shoppers find themselves wandering aimlessly around the grocery store, searching high and low for their favorite chow mein noodles. In this blog post, we will explore where to find chow mein noodles in the grocery store so that you can enjoy your favorite dishes with ease. We’ll provide helpful tips for navigating the different aisles and provide insight on what to look for when purchasing chow mein noodles. So, if you’re looking for a convenient and quick way to get your hands on those delicious chow mein noodles, then

Where to Buy Mein Noodles Near Me

You can buy mein noodles at any of the following national grocery chains:

For those shoppers who would prefer to order the noodles from the convenience of their couch, most of these grocery store chains have delivery services available through their website or apps.

Otherwise, apps like Instacart and Doordash allow customers to place a delivery order from a variety of grocery stores in the area. Simply search for mein noodles on the apps as well as the rest of the necessary ingredients to cook them.

Another choice is to visit the closest Asian grocery store. In these markets, shelves of conventional Asian foods and snacks line the walls, and mein noodles are no exception.

In addition, some customers at nearby farmers’ markets might get lucky and discover vendors selling lo mein noodles. If one is extremely fortunate, they might also sell freshly-sourced vegetables that can be added to any noodle recipe.

There is always the option to make their own mein noodles at home for noodle seekers who are unable to locate them anywhere they look.

To make homemade mein noodles, or “egg noodles,” purchase the following ingredients at the grocery store instead:

Prepare a dough sheet, a noodle cutter, a mixer, and a pasta roller. When cutting the noodles, keep in mind that thick noodles work best in stir fries and thin noodles work best in soups.

Otherwise, go to the local supermarket’s international food section and buy some packages of prepared mein noodles to bring home.

Store mein noodles as you would any other dry pasta before cooking.

Therefore, they must remain in a dry, cool environment. For the majority of people, this entails storing the mein noodles in a cabinet or pantry.

Noodles can be kept in their original packaging, but some people prefer to transfer them to their own containers. Either approach is acceptable, provided the new container is clean and dry.

There is plenty of time to cook the dry noodles because they can stay in this environment for up to a year.

For those who have already cooked the noodles and are looking to store the leftovers, the noodles should stay in the refrigerator until they are ready to eat. Keep in mind that leftover mein noodles can stay in the fridge for three to four days before going bad, so act fast.

After cooking the mein noodles, simply store them in the freezer to extend their shelf life. For up to three months, the cooked noodles will remain fresh in the freezer.

When it’s time to eat, defrost the noodles by putting them in the refrigerator for a few hours before reheating. The noodles will maintain their flavor and texture as a result.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Lo Mein Noodles In?

Dry lo mein noodles are frequently kept in the international section of grocery stores near the Asian goods. If you didn’t see them there, look in the aisle with the dry pasta.

Fresh or precooked lo mein noodles might be in the coolers with tofu and wonton wrappers by the produce, but occasionally organic lo mein noodles will be in an organic or natural food aisle. Wherever you find them, just make sure that they’re egg-free.

If you can’t find lo mein noodles anywhere, your best bet is probably one of the stores listed below…

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What grocery stores sell lo mein noodles

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores and you can find lo mein noodles there. They usually have different brands available. Buying on Amazon is very easy and convenient since it is an online store.

Walmart– you can find lo mein noodles at Walmart. They usually have brands like Ka-Me, Gefen and Simply Asia. Use Walmart’s online store locator to find the closest grocery store that carries lo mein noodles if you are unaware of any Walmart locations nearby.

Check Target’s pasta section; lo mein noodles are typically available there. Wel Pac and La Choy are a couple of the brands you’ll see. Additionally, they have an online store, making it simple to buy lo mein noodles from the convenience of your home.

Lo mein noodles are available at Kroger in the international aisle. If you’re looking for a specific brand of lo mein noodles, just visit their website; they typically list all of their offerings.

Whole foods market: you can purchase lo mein noodles there. They frequently carry brands like Roland, Ka-Me, and Organic Planet.

If there is a Publix in your neighborhood, you can purchase lo mein noodles there. They frequently carry well-known brands like Ka-Me, Simply Asia, and Roland.

There is a good chance that you will find lo mein noodles at your neighborhood Asian market. Lo mein noodles are typically used in Asian cuisines, which explains why.

If there is a Safeway store nearby, you can purchase lo mein noodles there. Typical brands include La Choy, Sun Luck, and Ka-Me.

Lo mein noodles are available at King Soopers, where they typically have a variety of brands. You can always purchase lo mein noodles from the comfort of your home thanks to their online store.

Healthy food store: There’s a possibility that you’ll find lo mein noodles there. This is because they are considered to be healthy.

Meijer– you can find lo mein noodles at Meijer. Among the brands they typically carry are Simply Asia and Ka-Me.

H-E-B typically carries brands like Wel Pac and Ka-Me in addition to lo mein noodles.

Fred Meyer: You can purchase lo mein noodles there. They typically stock Wei Chuan and Wel Pac among other brands.

You can always purchase lo mein noodles from Ralphs because they typically carry them.

Piggly Wiggly carries the Ka-Me brand of lo mein noodles, which are available there.

Vons– at Vons you can find lo mein noodles. Simply visit their website to see the options if you’re looking for a specific brand.

Hannaford– you can find lo mein noodles at Hannaford.

Albertsons carries the Wel Pac brand of lo mein noodles, which are available there.


What aisle are noodles in?

Mein noodles will likely be found in the international foods aisle of the majority of grocery stores, along with the majority of the other Asian food items and some Hispanic items. However, some grocery stores prefer to keep the noodles in the pasta aisle with the other dry pasta.

What kind of noodles are chow mein?

Chow mein and lo mein dishes are both made with Chinese egg noodles, which are wheat flour noodles with added egg, despite their differences. Chow mein can be made with either fresh or dried egg noodles, unlike lo mein which calls for fresh egg noodles.

What is another name for chow mein noodles?

Wonton noodles, Hong Kong-style (chow mein) noodles, and lo mein noodles are the most popular types of fresh egg noodles available.

Are chow mein noodles the same as stir fry noodles?

Although they are both Chinese in origin and made with egg noodles (along with a combination of vegetables and occasionally meat or seafood), the similarities between these two noodle dishes end there. Chow mein, or chāu-mèn, translates to stir-fried noodles.

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