Where To Buy Biang Biang Noodles?

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How do I get free delivery on my Biang Biang Noodles order?

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Location and hours601 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

Sunday – Wednesday
11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday – Saturday
11:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Where To Buy Biang Biang Noodles?

  • Appetizers
    • Cucumber Salad$8.05
    • Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls (3pc)$6.89
    • Green Onion Pancake$6.89
    • House Chili Tofu$8.05
    • Pot Stickers (5pc)$6.89
    • Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings (3pc)$9.19
    • Sichuan Honey Wings (6pc)$16.09
    • Xian Popcorn Chicken$9.19
  • Dry Mix Noodles
    • Cumin Lamb Dry Mix Noodles$19.55
    • Curry Chicken Dry Mix Noodles$20.69
    • Curry Tofu Dry Mix Noodles$19.55
    • Mala Spicy Beef Dry Mix Noodles$19.55
    • Mapo Tofu Dry Mix Noodles$18.39
    • Spicy Chicken Dry Mix Noodles$19.55
    • Stewed Pork Belly Dry Mix Noodles$19.55
    • Vegetable Dry Mix Noodles$16.09
  • Soup Noodles
    • Cumin Lamb Soup Noodles$20.69
    • Mala Spicy Beef Soup Noodles$20.69
    • Spicy Chicken Soup Noodles$20.69
    • Stewed Pork Belly Soup Noodles$20.69
  • Bao
    • Fried Chicken Bao$9.19
    • Fried Tofu Bao$9.19
  • Handmade Dumplings
    • Chive & Pork Dumplings (10pc)$13.79
  • Beverages
    • Coke$3.75
    • Diet Coke$3.75
    • HK Style Milk Tea$6.89
    • HK Style Milk tea (Hot)$6.89
    • Passionfruit Iced Tea – Grapefruit$6.89
    • Passionfruit Iced Tea – Passion Fruit$6.89
    • Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water$6.65
    • Sprite$3.75
    • THAI Iced Tea$6.89
    • Hot Tea (Oolong)$5.1916oz hot tea
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    What does Biang Biang mean in Chinese?

    An article in China Daily claims that the word “biang” is an onomatopoeia that actually refers to the noise the chef makes as he pulls the dough and slaps it on the table to make the noodles.

    What are Biang Biang noodles made of?

    A well-known Chinese noodle dish from the province of Shaanxi is called biang biang noodles. The hand-pulled noodles are made of wheat flour and are seasoned with a Chinese black vinegar base sauce and garlic chili oil.

    How many strokes are there in Biang Chinese?

    There are 56 pen strokes in the Chinese character for “biang.” The local media reported that Mr. Wang took inspiration for the word from the name of a noodle dish he had while in Shaanxi province, despite the fact that the word has no meaning.

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