Where To Buy Fresh Noodles?

Asian Noodles vs. Italian Pasta

Asian noodles and Italian pasta have some significant differences despite the fact that some varieties resemble each other. Asian noodles are different from most pastas in that they are not meant to be cooked to the same al dente consistency. Some are soft; others have a firm bite. Others, like ramen, have a more springy resistance to the teeth while some are chewy.

In addition to wheat flour, rice, yam, and mung beans can also be used to make Asian noodles, though even that wheat is a different variety than the durum wheat used to make pasta. Due to all of these texture and flavor differences, Asian noodles cannot usually be substituted for Italian pasta.

Storing Your Noodles

Most noodles sold in markets are dried and will keep well if kept in a cool, dry environment, though they may start to lose their freshness after a few months or so. For no more than a few days or a week at most, fresh noodles, like Chinese egg or soft rice noodles, should be stored in their original packaging and refrigerated. (However, if you can find them, they are best served fresh and made that day.) ).

Texture is everything with noodles, and ours have the perfect bite. The fresh Asian noodles from Nona Lim can be kept in your refrigerator or freezer and are ready to be paired with any of our broths for stir-fries, homemade pad see ew, or upscale ramen. You won’t go back once you’ve tried Nona Lim’s “real” Asian noodles!


What are fresh Chinese noodles?

Fresh egg noodles are typically found in the refrigerator section of Asian markets. They are yellow and made primarily of wheat flour and eggs. However, just because something appears to be egg noodles doesn’t mean it is!

Are there fresh ramen noodles?

Ramen noodles can be found in three varieties: fresh, dried, and fried. The best options for high-quality fresh noodles are typically sold frozen. Dried noodles can also be tasty; some are sold in individual serving cakes and resemble Italian pasta.

What are fresh lo mein noodles?

Fresh, yellow lo mein noodles, which are typically referred to as “egg noodles,” are available in the refrigerator section of supermarkets. Use 200g/8oz of uncooked ramen noodles or another type of dried noodle.

What are the thick Chinese noodles called?

Shanghai noodles are a chewy variety made from wheat flour and water. They are also known as cumian, which literally translates to “thick noodles.” They are commonly found in soups and stir-fries, especially in northern China.

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