Where To Find Horse Mackerel In Animal Crossing?

Animal Forest e+[edit]

“I caught a horse mackerel! Nay!? Yay!”

In New Horizons[edit]#57

“I caught a horse mackerel! Of course, mack…er…el.”

Time of year North: All year South: All year
Time of day All day
Location Sea
Shadow size Small
Spawn requirement Appears from the start of the game
Selling prices Nooks Cranny: 150 Bells C.J.: 225 Bells
Furniture size

In the recipes for the following foods, horse mackerel is a cooking ingredient:

Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

# Item Type Buy price Available from Materials
851 aji fry Savory Not for sale Fishing 1× Horse Mackerel 1× Flour

In City Folk[edit]

When given a horse mackerel in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wendell gives the player the horizontal track design. #47.

I caught a horse mackerel, but it appears to be in good condition.

Description They have hard scales called “scutes”.
Time of year All year
Time of day All day
Peak times N/A
Location Sea
Shadow size Small
Fish size About 16 in.
Selling price 150 Bells
Furniture size


Where can I find a horse mackerel in Animal Crossing?

Any ocean location on your island is a good place to go horse mackerel fishing. You can go ahead and ignore fish with larger shadow sizes when looking for mackerel because it has a small shadow size!

What is a horse mackerel in Animal Crossing?

In the ocean, the common fish known as the horse mackerel can be found. It can be caught at any time, during any season, like sea bass. It was introduced in Animal Forest e+.

How many bells is a horse mackerel?

Year-round, you can find the common ocean fish known as the horse mackerel, Trachurus japonicus. It sells for a measly 150 Bells.

How much is horse mackerel ACNH?

When you no longer need it, sell the horse mackerel to Tommy in Resident Services to earn 150 bells.

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