Why Chicken Noodle Soup Is Good For You

What Are the Best Foods to Eat When You Are Sick?

In addition to soup, the following foods and beverages are beneficial to consume when ill:

  • Yogurt. It is rich in probiotics and protein, both of which can strengthen your immune system.
  • Sugar-free cold cereal or oatmeal. They’re easy to digest and provide carbs for energy.
  • Smoothies with frozen fruit and any kind of milk. They easily replace a meal and are highly hydrating.
  • Fresh, frozen, or canned fruit (packed in 100% juice). Fruit gives you fiber to keep your digestive system moving and antioxidants and vitamin C to support your immune system.
  • 100% fruit juice or tea. These are good choices for hydration.

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Why Is Chicken Noodle Soup Good for a Cold?

A large bowl of chicken soup may help reduce nasal congestion, according to studies. Additionally, it has a slight anti-inflammatory effect that may lessen the symptoms of a cold.

The wonderful nutrients in chicken noodle soup make it a great fallback for chilly winter days. The ingredients taste fantastic, are easy to digest, and soothe the throat.

When I was younger, my mom always made sure I had plenty of liquids when I was fighting a cold, and chicken noodle soup was one of those liquids. Turns out, she was onto something. There are several scientific reasons why chicken noodle soup can help you feel better.

Getting sick is the worst, but its almost unavoidable. Moreover, we don’t have time to sit at home, work through our problems, and get better as college students. It would also be foolish to visit the doctor for a cold alone because doing so can be very costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are remedies available that do not involve medication, one of which is chicken noodle soup.

The next time you feel like you might get a cold, warm up a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Turns out, mom was right to give us that, but then again, was mom ever wrong? Every day, most college dining halls offer at least one soup selection, and most soups include the healing ingredients of chicken noodle soup. It will still have some benefit even if it isn’t the homemade stuff from your early years.

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