Can You Eat Chicken Noodle Soup With Gallstones

Gallstones diet Rule #1: Drink a lot of good fluids

The first rule of my diet for gallstones is to drink lots of water. When I experience gallbladder pain, I start drinking water right away, and the pain usually goes away in an hour or so. Alternatively, the pain never gets too bad if I just drink a lot of water starting in the morning.

Having said that, I don’t like water, so I usually add some lemon juice and Equal to mine, and it tastes okay. I occasionally also sip Gatorade or their G2 beverage.

Juice is also good. I have been concentrating on a product called Juicy Juice because it is genuinely made from real juice. I’ve had no issues drinking grape juice, despite reading that it’s excellent for gallstones and gallbladder pain.

To summarize, okay drinks so far are:

  • Water, with or without lemon
  • Juicy Juice grape juice
  • Gatorade and Gatorade G2
  • A little bit of coffee (see the next section)

The liver, gallbladder, and stomach (An showing the liver, gallbladder, and related organs.)

Gallstones diet advice – Foods that definitely cause pain

Chocolate: Although I adore chocolate, it’s currently one of my least favorite foods. In the food pyramid, chocolate used to be my favorite food group. However, after trying chocolate chip cookies and Starbucks’ caffe mocha, I now have gallstones. I’m able to slip in very small amounts with a lot of water, but eventually you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Milk%C3%82%20I%20originally%20wrote%20that%20%22Milk%20in%20all%20forms%20seems%20to%20cause%20problems%22, but as an update, I’ve been alternating between skim milk and 2% milk in my diet for gallstones, and even though I still don’t drink much, it’s been okay. (The short version of this is that I was consistently experiencing lightheadedness and wasn’t getting enough fat in my “gallstones diet.” I tried a little more milk as my doctor advised, and it has seemed to work out okay. ).

High fat content: I’ve read that eating anything heavy in fat will make gallstones hurt. I don’t eat a lot of meat or fried food, as I’ve already mentioned, so I’m not familiar with all the specifics at this time. (Although avocados are high in fat, I’ve been able to eat them without experiencing any issues for some reason.) ).

3. Keep an eye on dairy products

While low-fat dairy products won’t overwork your gallbladder, rich cheeses and butter can raise your chance of gallstone development. When choosing foods, look for cheeses with fewer than 5 grams of fat per ounce. For those who have gallbladder problems, low-fat milk, yoghurt, and sour cream are also excellent dairy options.

Even though avocados’ high fat content is frequently referred to as healthy fat, if you have gallbladder problems, it may still be problematic. Instead of guacamole and avocados, try munching on some high-fiber fruits.

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