Can You Lose Weight Just Eating Ramen Noodles

I also avoid weighing in every day or every week. I only weigh myself at the doctor’s office. I can definitely see progress when I can fit into clothes that I previously couldn’t wear. It’s nice. When I saw my doctor last time, I had no idea how much weight I had lost, and I was genuinely shocked to learn that much. I went from a BMI of 39 to 31.

I walk. A lot. If not, you should be aware that it has many advantages beyond just helping you lose weight. You gain muscle, spend time outside truly taking in the beauty of nature, and watch the seasons pass by. Walking takes a lot more time but has less impact than running or jogging. I used to walk my daughter in a stroller, as I previously mentioned. This is the first video showing my improvement from 2018.

I also use a Fitbit fitness tracker. I want to emphasize how rewarding it is to be able to monitor your progress and set small, daily objectives. I will also state unequivocally that fitness trackers that you wear on your wrist are a scam. Consider this: you are attempting to track your walking, so they are ineffective. I keep my Fitbit in my left pocket with a small cover on it. If you were tracking arm movement, it would make sense to wear one on your wrist. While it’s true that you can adjust your heart rate and other metrics, moving more is better for you because it counts as exercise. Also, because you’re constantly gripping a handle when pushing a stroller, you won’t be able to get any steps. These watches are simply fashion statements.

I’m sure you’re a little confused, so here goes. In 2018, my doctor advised me to lose weight because I was 364 pounds, at risk for pre-diabetes, and would also need to start taking statins. I therefore purchased a stroller, began frequently pushing my daughter, and reduced my intake. In six month, I’d lost around 60 pounds. In the following year, I managed to lose 200 pounds, which was quite good. My mother passed away in 2021, and I contracted COVID-19 early that year, landing me in the ICU. I put on 88 pounds again, which was definitely not what was intended, but it did happen. My doctor told me I was back to 288 pounds at the beginning of March and that I needed to start losing weight again. I modified the diet I had done back in 2018. When I was seen again in June, I had lost 56 pounds, or 0 on average. 6 pounds per day for 92 days.

I won’t bore you with an hour-long monologue about how amazing and revolutionary my method was before trying to convince you to buy something. If someone is overweight, their doctor has probably told them a million times that it’s all about diet and exercise. I went into more detail below, but I made a video discussing the specifics of my diet and exercise regimen. This is about logic and a commitment to making changes, not some trendy idea. If I can do it, you can do it too, I suppose. It’s bad for you to be overweight if you don’t need to be.

and so, i’m going to change that. Eventually, rather than gaining weight, I intend to shed some pounds in order to reach a critical mass and begin glowing brightly as my fuel runs out in the massive, gravity-driven furnace that is my own hugeness.

i’ve gained it all back, of course, in spades. I’ve gone from the normal post-pubescent spread that all men must eventually come to terms with to the point where, in less than a year and a half, I’ve gained nearly two pants sizes. It’s not that gaining weight is a concern—I anticipate being a plump muffin for the remainder of my life, as brief as it may be—what worries me is the rate at which it’s happening. I had a nice round Buddha belly at first, which my female friends thought was comforting in a teddy-bear, kind of like when I was my dad, to a when are you going to be done and what are you naming them kind of way, filling out my t-shirts and the pleats in my pants in places where I wasn’t comfortable.

Note: The author wants everyone to know that he is not suicidal, that he does not support fasting or crash diets in order to lose weight, and that he does not like to eat top ramen. He is trying to change his weight, but he is a little overweight.

Don’t get me wrong, but I think a lot of people struggle to lose weight for a variety of reasons. i am not one of these people. i am fat, and i know exactly why. i eat too damned much, and don’t exercise enough.

i can deal with that. a little malnutrition can’t hurt too much. not that i haven’t gone to some extremes before. for two weeks about 8 months ago, i fasted. drank a lot of water and orange juice instead of food, only starting to feel faint after work one day. and i managed. not too bad, considering that the person hadn’t gone a day without eating in his entire life before. will power, that’s the ticket.

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