Can You Make Noodle Kugel The Day Before

Celebrating With Kugel

Kugel is rich, sweet, and reminds me of family get-togethers where people travel from far and wide to share in a common celebration. It may be considered traditional Shabbat dinner fare by some, but I think of it more as a holiday dish. Kugel is simple to prepare but requires time to bake and cool. Because of this, serving it feels celebratory.

The noodle filling and the crunchy, buttery cornflake topping are spiced with fragrant cinnamon, giving it a serious holiday flair. Kugel would be cooking at home for Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, or even—dare I say it—Christmas dinner. In my own interfaith household, good food knows no boundaries.

Developing a Kugel Recipe Through Family Tradition

I looked to the customs of my friends’ families and my extended family when creating my own kugel recipe. With great grace, my aunt Marla gave me the recipe for her mother’s side of the family’s kugel. They make both a matzo and a noodle kugel; however, noodle kugel is not permitted to be served during Passover because it is not kosher. Marla actually prefers the matzo version. Since both versions are meant to be served with meat dishes at kosher meals, they are likely rich in grated apples and devoid of creamy dairy products.

I adore that apples are added to kugel, but I really wanted to emphasize the flavor and texture, so I chopped mine rather than grating them as Marla usually does. Additionally, I couldn’t resist the allure of rich, creamy dairy, so sour cream and cottage cheese are also included. That’s Marla’s recipe for the crunchy cornflake topping. In order to get the cornflakes to crisp up even more in the oven—like a streusel topping—I do add a small amount of butter.

Can You Make Noodle Kugel The Day Before

Make Sure to Cool Your Kugel

A kugel must cool after baking in order to prevent crumbling when sliced. After letting it cool and set for at least an hour, cut it into slices and serve it warm or at room temperature. It tastes good cold right out of the refrigerator the next morning, too, though if you’d like, you can reheat it in the microwave for a minute. Kugel and coffee is a not-to-be-missed breakfast treat.

Can You Make Noodle Kugel The Day Before

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