How Do You Cook A Turkey Breast Up Or Down?

The United States Department of Agriculture advises to cook a whole turkey breast side up during the entire cooking time. Turning over a large, hot bird can be dangerous and it’s very easy to tear the skin, making the finished product less attractive.

We comprehend that you might not want to make too many changes to your Thanksgiving turkey recipe. You don’t want anyone to be let down by a strange main dish. But you don’t have to prepare your turkey exactly the same way just because the flavors aren’t new. It seems that giving your bird a quick flip can actually change the course of the game. We’ll demonstrate how to cook a turkey on its side and discuss the benefits of trying this technique.

How to Roast an Upside-Down Turkey

This upside-down turkey’s recipe isn’t all that dissimilar from any other roasted turkey recipe. On the day of roasting, you should make sure the turkey is completely thawed. Remove the neck and giblets and liberally salt the turkey. I enjoy stuffing my turkey with an apple, an onion, and some fresh herbs, but only for the aroma they produce while it roasts.

Put the turkey in a roasting rack breast-side down and place the rack in a roasting pan. Then roast the turkey. Start roasting it in a hot oven to encourage browning, then turn down the heat and roast the bird until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. Here are some suggestions for judging your turkey’s doneness.

  • Know your turkey math: Plan 13 minutes of roasting for every pound of turkey. A 12-pound turkey will take about 2 1/2 hours, while a 15-pound turkey will take closer to 3 hours.
  • Invest in a thermometer: Use a digital probe thermometer to accurately test for doneness.
  • Take the temp in a few places: Take the turkey’s temperature in more than one spot. This is tricker to do with the turkey upside down, but test both the breast and the thigh.
  • Why You Should Roast Your Turkey Upside Down

    The most common criticism of turkey is that it is dry, but this technique addresses that issue. The turkey breast isn’t directly exposed to the heat when it’s roasted upside down. In fact, the fact that it is inverted indicates that the rest of the turkey is insulating and protecting it. Instead, the dark meat is exposed, and in this position, the thighs cook more quickly.

    In short, here’s why I love roasting turkey upside down:

  • It cooks faster.
  • The white meat won’t dry out.
  • It doesn’t require basting.
  • Several additional benefits come with exposing the thighs over the breasts. The fatty dark meat of the turkey’s thighs renders fat and juices as it roasts, which drip down onto the breast meat and slowly baste the bird throughout the entire cooking process.

    Since there is no need for basting, the thighs cook more quickly when they are placed directly on the heat source. In addition to guaranteeing juicier breast meat, an upside-down turkey also cooks a little quicker.

    How Do You Cook A Turkey Breast Up Or Down?

    Use a Meat Thermometer

    The use of a meat thermometer will greatly simplify your life; without one, there is simply too much guesswork.

    I prefer to use a remote thermometer, that way you can track the progress of the turkey as it cooks, without opening the oven door. But any instant read thermometer will do. (I use two ChefAlarm remote thermometers, one inserted into the breast, one inserted into a thigh.)


    What happens if you Cook a turkey breast side down?

    Roasting a turkey breast-side down has two advantages: first, the juices trickle down for extra-moist breast meat, and second, the dark meat cooks more quickly because it is closer to the heat source. Talk about a turn for the better!.

    Do you Cook a turkey right side up or upside down?

    When roasting a turkey, cooking it upside down allows the juices to drip down, resulting in particularly moist and juicy breast meat. Additionally, because the dark meat is nearer the heat source, it cooks more quickly than it would using the conventional technique. It’s a win-win!.

    Which way does turkey breast go in pan?

    Place turkey breast side DOWN in a roasting pan. To prevent them from burning, tuck the wing tips under the base of the turkey. You don’t want to wash the butter or seasoning off the bird, so place water in the pan around it rather than on top of it. What is this? 30 minutes of cooking turkey at 500 degrees

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