how long to cook a beef patty

How to cook burgers on the grillMedium-rare: 6–7 minutes total.Medium: 7–8 minutes total.Medium-well: 9 minutes total.Well-done: 10 minutes total.

  1. Medium-rare: 6–7 minutes total.
  2. Medium: 7–8 minutes total.
  3. Medium-well: 9 minutes total.
  4. Well-done: 10 minutes total.

Stovetop Burgers are easier than you think! Learning how to cook the perfect burgers on the stove means you can make this easy dinner anytime of year. Form simply-seasoned burger patties, pan-fry them in a skillet, and find the exact cooking time and temperature to make sure you get it right. You’ll be cooking the best hamburgers and cheeseburgers, with your toppings of choice, each and every time!

How to Soften Gluten Free Buns

Let’s be real, gluten free buns are usually lacking in the soft and squishy department, but I have two tricks to make them more appetizing:

  • Toast the buns cut side up under the broiler until they’re golden brown and softened. Top with a cheeseburger patty and toppings then eat immediately.
  • Place a baked burger patty onto the bun then wrap in foil and place inside the hot oven for a few minutes. Softens them right up! We do this with both with my gluten free bun and the regular hamburgers buns the kids and Ben eat. Such a game changer!

Or you can always wrap the oven burgers in iceberg lettuce for a low carb bunless burger. It’s actually really good. 🙂

How long do you cook burgers on the stove? (medium-rare to well-done)

From medium-rare to well-done, here are the internal temperatures and cooking times (per side and total) when making burgers in a skillet. (See our Burger Temperature Chart for even more info!)

Doneness Color Internal Temp Cook Time (per side) Cook Time (total)
Medium-Rare red in the middle 130-135F 3 minutes 6 minutes
Medium pink in the middle 145F 3-4 minutes 7-8 minutes
Medium-Well smidge of pink 150-155F 4-5 minutes 9 minutes
Well-Done no pink 160-165F 5 minutes 10 minutes

Note: The FDA officially recommends that hamburgers be cooked to an internal temperature of 160°F to ensure all bacteria is killed. If you choose to do more of a Medium cook, be sure you’re using the freshest beef or even making your own ground beef!

how long to cook a beef patty

Add salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you want to add directly into a mixing bowl with the ground chuck. Mix enough to evenly distribute the seasoning, but don’t overwork it. Some common seasonings (besides salt and pepper) are garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, and oregano.

Burgers should be cooked between 135-160F, depending on your preferred doneness level. Check the burger cooking chart above for specifics.

To turn a hamburger into a cheeseburger, simply add a slice of cheese on top of the burger patty right after it’s done cooking. Remove the pan from heat and place a lid on top. The leftover heat will create steam and melt the cheese.

I don’t recommend cooking burgers directly from frozen on the stovetop. Instead, defrost patties in the fridge before cooking.

I recommend making burger patties about 1-inch thick. If it’s too thick, it will get dry and crispy on the outside before cooking through fully in the center.

Combine seasonings with ground chuck, divide the meat into 4 equal parts, then use your hands to loosely form each ball of beef into a round patty–it does’t need to be perfect.

Butter will create a richer flavor and give you a more traditionally pan-fried result. But oil is a great option as well.

I recommend using an instant read meat thermometer to check the internal temperature at the center of each patty to be sure it’s properly cooked.

how long to cook a beef patty

How to Freeze Burger Patties

To freeze homemade burger patties, let them cool completely. I recommend wrapping each one separately with aluminum foil, and then placing them all in a freezer-safe, resealable bag. Freeze for 3 months.

Let them fully defrost in the fridge before reheating.

How to cook burgers on the grillMedium-rare: 6–7 minutes total.Medium: 7–8 minutes total.Medium-well: 9 minutes total.Well-done: 10 minutes total.


How long does it take to fully cook a beef patty?

Medium-Rare: Grill burgers for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes per side. Look for 130-135 degrees F on the thermometer reading. Medium: Grill for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes per side, or until 140-145 degrees F. Medium Well/Well Done: 4 1/2 to 5 minutes per side, or until 155-160 degrees F.

How long to cook meat patties on pan?

Pop your burgers on the barbecue or in a hot, non-stick frying pan with a little oil. Cook for 5-6 mins on each side for medium and 8-9 mins on each side for well done.

Can you cook beef patties on the stove?

While you can make delicious pan-fried burgers in just about any skillet, cast iron works best. It’s naturally non-stick and is able to conduct heat evenly and efficiently. Plus, a pre-heated cast-iron skillet makes it easy to get an irresistibly delicious caramelized sear on your patties.

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