How Long To Cook Bone In Chicken Breast In Instant Pot?

Fresh bone-in chicken breast only takes ten minutes on High pressure! Even frozen bone-in chicken breast is quick, taking only twenty-five minutes to cook on High pressure. Naturally release the pressure for 10 minutes before quick releasing the remaining steam and you’re done!

This is the OG instant pot meat technique. This method I developed for instant pot bone-in chicken has become extremely popular. Everyone now has copied this post and for good reasons. The most flavorful, tender, and moist chicken you’ll ever try made in an instant pot literally falls off the bone. Although it cooks quickly and easily, the final step elevates this bone-in chicken cooked in a pressure cooker to a whole new level.

This meal is over the top amazing!! Seriously good. Because I can easily make one of our family’s comfort food favorites any day of the week by pressure cooking chicken, it’s one of those quick meals that I turn to time and time again for hectic weeknights.

It tastes amazing with mashed potatoes and apple gorgonzola salad, and you’ve got a great meal everyone will love.

If you like this recipe, I believe you’ll also like this one, which is a family favorite: smoked turkey breast. Try cooking frozen roast beef or bbq ribs if you find pressure cooking to be a simple method of meal preparation.

Do I Leave the Chicken Skin On Bone-In Chicken?

I prefer to pressure cook chicken with the skin on because it keeps the juicy, tender meat from falling apart, but occasionally the chicken has way too much skin.

Feel free to trim down the skin. Just be careful when removing them from the pressure cooker if you prefer it completely trimmed off.

In the last stage of cooking, it will crisp up and become incredibly tasty!

What Kind of Bone-in Chicken Do I Use?

You can use any of your preferred bone-in chicken cuts for this recipe. My kids adore it when I prepare it with a combination of bone-in chicken breast, chicken thighs, and chicken legs.

I always grab a packet of legs and thighs, bone-in. To make this recipe and chicken with the sticky bbq flavor and texture, you must use bone-in chicken.

The best type of chicken meat is without a doubt bone-in chicken, which is extremely affordable.

How Long To Cook Bone In Chicken Breast In Instant Pot?

Why Make Pressure Cooker Bone-in Chicken?

Bone-in bbq chicken is seriously my childrens favorite meal. Here are some reasons why it is the best.

  • Bone-in chicken breast, legs and thighs are very inexpensive!
  • Bone-in chicken has so much more flavor.
  • Its fast and easy to make.
  • Requires only a few ingredients.
  • How Long To Cook Bone In Chicken Breast In Instant Pot?

    This pressure cooker recipe for 3-ingredient chicken pieces couldn’t be any simpler! Here’s what you need:

  • BBQ sauce: Pick your favorite bottle at the store or make your own to make this recipe.
  • Bone-in chicken: Chicken legs, thighs, and breasts work just great! You can even do a mix of chicken parts if everyone in the family likes something?
  • Water: Just a bit to help the pressure cooker function properly.
  • FAQ

    How long does it take to cook chicken breast in Instant Pot?

    Depending on the thickness of the breasts, pressure cook fresh chicken breasts for 8–10 minutes on high or frozen chicken for 12–14 minutes. No matter how much chicken you add to the pot, the cooking time remains the same; the pressure buildup takes longer.

    How long does it take to cook 5 lb of chicken breast in the Instant Pot?

    Amount of Chicken Breast by Weight# Servings on Recipe CardInstant Pot Cook Time (Frozen Chicken)2 lbs. 10 minutes, 3 lbs. 15 minutes, 4 lbs. 2013 minutes, and 5 lbs. 25 minutes

    How long to pressure cook chicken so bones are soft?

    After 1. In a pressure cooker, all types of bones become mush after 2 to 5 hours. They can be mashed into a pulp that resembles bone mush because they feel like wet sand when you press them.

    Why are my Instant Pot chicken breasts tough?

    You probably need to cook your boneless chicken breast for an additional amount of time if it comes out with an odd, rubbery texture. Longer cook times for meat generally yield better results with the Instant Pot.

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