How Long To Cook Thick Chicken Breast On Charcoal Grill?

For thick chicken breast (without butterflying) we recommend 6 minutes on one side, move to indirect heat and grill for about 10 minutes on the other side. (Use the lid if you feel like your coals are getting cooler.) Wilted golden brown skin comes from roasting over indirect heat.

I believe a charcoal grill is the best way to grill chicken when it comes to flavor, whether you’re on the team of propane or charcoal. The chicken is given a smoky flavor by the charcoal that propane simply cannot match.

Nevertheless, grilling chicken to perfection over charcoal can be challenging. You run the risk of having undercooked or overcooked chicken if you don’t know how long to cook chicken on a charcoal grill. Your chicken will be dry and tough if you overcook it. The grill’s temperature is another issue to consider. Too hot and you’ll get burnt chicken. Too low and your chicken will take forever to cook.

Here, I’ll share some of my best advice for grilling chicken on a charcoal grill with you, including how long to cook chicken thighs and breasts as well as some recipes to try.

You must be familiar with grill setup if you plan to use charcoal. This entails lighting and bringing the coals to the proper temperature.

Pro Tips on How to Cook Chicken on a Charcoal Grill

Here are my suggestions for grilling chicken successfully.

Don’t overcrowd the grill. When there is space for the heat to circulate around the meat, the chicken will cook evenly.

Start on direct heat and move to indirect heat. The meat will get those lovely grill grate marks from the direct heat that will help seal in the juices. By switching to indirect heat, the meat can be cooked at a slightly lower temperature without experiencing a change in flare-ups. This will help keep the juices in too.

Heat to the correct temperature. To ensure that the chicken is cooked through to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, use a digital meat thermometer.

Let the chicken rest. Remove the cooked chicken from the grill and allow it to rest for three to five minutes before slicing it. This resting time is important. Juicier chicken results as a result of the juices being redistributed throughout the meat.

What does Resting the Meat Do?

Meat retains heat for a “Rest time” after being removed from the heat source. The temperature will stay the same or increase during this time, assisting in the sealing of the juices into the meat. For the juiciest and most flavorful chicken, allow the chicken to rest for three minutes before cutting.

What is Direct and Indirect Heat?

When grilling chicken, temperature control is crucial, so understanding heat zones is crucial. While indirect heat uses the heat of the grill away from the hot coals and flame, direct heat exposes the meat to the direct fire and flames. While direct heat is excellent for creating sear marks, indirect heat cooks meat more slowly and evenly.

The best chicken to grill over direct heat are pounded-thin chicken breasts, chicken tenderloins, and wings. Indirect heat is best for cooking thicker chicken pieces, such as a whole chicken or bone-in thigh, because they require more time to cook through.

The best method for grilling meat frequently involves starting it on the direct side to sear it and get those lovely grill marks, then moving it to the side of the grill where the indirect heat is to continue cooking through.

How Long To Cook Thick Chicken Breast On Charcoal Grill?


How long should you grill thick chicken breast?

Chicken breasts should be placed on a grill that has been preheated. As your chicken cooks, it’s crucial to keep the grill’s lid closed to prevent heat loss. Grill your chicken breast for six to eight minutes on one side. Your chicken breast should be cooked for a further 6 to 8 minutes after being turned.

How long do you cook chicken breast on a Weber charcoal grill?

Brush the cooking grates clean. Grill the chicken breasts over direct medium heat, with the lid closed, for 8 to 12 minutes, turning the meat once or twice, or until it is firm to the touch and no longer pink in the center. After taking the food off the grill, rest it for 3 to 5 minutes. Serve warm.

What temperature should a charcoal grill be to cook chicken?

In general, grilling chicken at 350° to 450° F over direct or indirect medium heat is recommended. The only exception is when you’re smoking the chicken. Smoking meat involves indirect cooking over very low heat, 225° to 250° F, with the addition of smoldering wood chunks, and is frequently used with wings or whole chickens.

Can you grill thick chicken?

The timing is dependent on thickness, but the internal temperature of 165°F remains the same. A thick boneless chicken breast should be cooked for eight minutes on each side on medium heat, and thin breasts for four to five minutes per side, according to Budget Bytes.

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