What Can I Do With Leftover Spaghetti Noodles?

7 Things to Make with Leftover Cooked Pasta
  1. Pasta Night, Round 2. If you boiled too much pasta for dinner last night, don’t throw out the leftovers! …
  2. Frittata. Saute noodles (and sauce) in olive oil until crispy, then add beaten eggs and cook till set. …
  3. Stir-Fried Noodles. …
  4. Pasta Bakes. …
  5. Muffins. …
  6. Fritters. …
  7. Pie. …
  8. Pizza.


What Can I Do With Leftover Spaghetti Noodles?

The best way to transform your leftover pasta into a brand-new meal is to leave it plain so you can customize it however you please. We advise only using the appropriate amount of sauce on your freshly made pasta for that particular meal. (And don’t worry if you’ve already added sauce to your pasta; we have some fantastic suggestions for you below. ).

Once youve gotten all the pasta you need for your current meal, add butter or olive oil to your warm pasta to keep it from sticking. Trust us, you dont want to be left with a sticky, clumpy mess of pasta to deal with later! Put it in an airtight food storage container in your fridge to use later in the week.

Pro Tip: If you have extra pasta sauce, don’t worry; just put it in a freezer bag, squeeze out all the air, and store it in the freezer until you need it again.


Lunchtime is the ideal time to transform those leftover noodles into a straightforward, satisfying dish. Here are a few quick, cold dishes you could prepare for a workday lunch:

  • Chicken Caesar Salad with Pasta – Take your bagged caesar salad from side dish to entree by adding some grilled chicken strips and leftover pasta for a quick and filling meal.
  • Easy Pasta Salad – Add some olive oil, salt and pepper, and your fave herbs for a quick and easy pasta salad to eat at lunch. You can also drizzle your fav homemade vinaigrette as a quick and easy topping!
  • Pesto Chicken Pasta – Got some ready-made pesto sauce hiding in the fridge? Add some with fresh chopped veggies and shredded chicken and mix for a yummy lunch dish.
  • Pro Tip: Why not use those leftover noodles for a little bit of batch meal prep? Mix up a salad with your noodles and then divide it into pre-portioned containers as a delicious side. You’ll have lunch covered for the rest of the week. How resourceful are you?!

    My desire to use up extra spaghetti noodle leftovers led to the creation of this peanut pasta salad. When my nephew recently came to town for a visit, I offered to make him anything he wanted (possibly something he liked on Instagram?) And what did he choose out of my 400+ recipes? He chose THIS healthy Leftover Spicy Peanut Pasta Salad recipe because I’d made it when I was visiting my parents and he LOVED it that much!

    Fortunately, spaghetti is a fantastic pantry staple that is affordable and incredibly adaptable. And it’s simple to use as the foundation for a delicious leftover meal.

    In an airtight container or plastic freezer bag (make sure it’s a “freezer bag” and not a “storage bag”), leftover spaghetti can be frozen for up to three months. Spaghetti only keeps for a few days in the fridge, so freezing it is a great way to prevent waste.

    To repurpose my leftover spaghetti, I came up with my own recipes and gathered additional recipes from my fellow food bloggers. These 12 simple leftover spaghetti recipes range from fried leftover spaghetti to leftover spaghetti pie, leftover spaghetti salad, and more. If youre looking for leftover inspiration, look no further!.

    The ideal method for reheating frozen spaghetti is to defrost it in the refrigerator overnight, then mix it with 2 teaspoons of water (per cup of spaghetti), and then put the noodles in a dish that can be heated in the microwave. Remove the food from the microwave after 30-45 seconds on full power, stir it, and then re-microwave it for 30 second intervals as necessary to heat it all the way through. Alternatively, you can place your defrosted noodles in a colander or strainer and submerge them in boiling water for about 30 seconds, or until they are warmed through.


    Can you reuse spaghetti noodles?

    Use leftover pasta straight from the refrigerator if the recipe calls for cool or cold pasta, such as in a casserole, pasta salad, or pasta frittata. You can reheat pasta by placing it in a pot of rapidly boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds, or just long enough to get it hot. This is useful if you need the noodles to be warm.

    How long is leftover pasta noodles good for?

    Even so, it’s crucial to check your pasta for signs of deterioration before consuming it. Homemade pasta that has been cooked and is still fresh should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent mold growth and extend the life of the pasta’s freshness. Most pastas last in the fridge for 3–5 days.

    How do you salvage leftover pasta?

    Here are 4 ways to reheat leftover pasta that can produce mouthwatering results
    1. Boil it. This works if you keep your pasta and sauce separate.
    2. Soup it. As the baked cheese tastes so good in a soup, this is a truly inventive and hearty way to use up leftover baked pastas like lasagna or cannelloni.
    3. Steam it. …
    4. Bake it.

    Can you reuse cooked noodles?

    Cooked pasta should be allowed to cool slightly before being stored in airtight containers ($10 49, The Container Store) for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator Again, store pasta and sauce separately, if possible. Put the pasta in the boiling water for just a few seconds to reheat; drain.

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