What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Fish Names in Tamil
English Tamil
Mackerel Kanangeluthi
Eel Vilongu
Ribbon fish Vaalai
Tilapia Kari meen / Neyyi / Jalebi fish / Jilebi meen / Nei meen

Fish Names in English and Tamil

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Anchovy – Nethili / Thogai Meen – நெத்திலி/தோகாய் மீன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Anchovies are a small species of fish that are sometimes referred to as forage fish. e. , prey fish or bait fish. Anchovy in Tamil is called Nethili meen or Thogai meen. They belong to the family Engraulidae.

Barracuda fish – Sheela/Oozha/Thiriyan – ஷீலா/ஓஷா/ திரியன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

The Tamil names for barracuda fish are Sheela meen and Thiriyan meen.

Barracudas belong to the family Sphyraenidae of species Sphyraena. They are fearsome medium snake-like predatory fish with large ray fins that exhibit ferocious behavior.

Barramundi fish – Koduva Meen – கொடுவா மீன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Catadromous fish of the family Latidae, barramundi is also referred to as Asian sea bass. Barramundi fish in Tamil is called Koduva meen. Because they contain very important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, and many others, they are widely consumed as food.

Basa fish – Keluthi Meen – கெலுதி மீன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Basa fish in Tamil is called Keluthi meen. Basa fish is a species of catfish of family pangasiidae. In various locations, it is also known by the names “pangas,” “swai,” and “bocourti.”

Catfish – Kelluthi/Mandai – கெல்லூதி/மண்டாய்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Catfish is generally referred to as keluthi meen or Mandai meen in Tamil. However, the order Siluriformes, which includes several species of catfish, is a large and diverse group of ray-finned fish. Catfish are distinguished from other fish by their prominent barbels, which resemble cat whiskers.

Catla fish/Katla fish – Kendai/Theppu – கெண்டாய்/தெப்பு

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Freshwater fish known as Catla or Katla belong to the Cyprinidae family of carp. Katla fish in Tamil is called “Kendai” or “Theppu”. In South Asia (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh), katla is primarily found in rivers, lakes, and ponds. And for commercial purposes, this fish is raised on a large scale in artificial ponds and rivers.

Cobia/Black Kingfish – Kadal Viral/Kadavara – கடல் வைரல்/கடவர

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

The Tamil name for cobia, also known as the black kingfish, is kadal viral or Kadavara.

It is a member of the family Rachycentridae and is a species of marine carangiform fish. There are several common names for this fish, including black kingfish, black salmon, ling, lemonfish, crabeater, and black bonito.

Cod fish – Panna/Kalava – பன்னா/ கலாவா

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Cod fish is called “Panna” or Kalava” in Tamil. Cod fish belongs to the family Gadidae of genus Gadus. The three species of the genus Gadus are the Atlantic cod, Pacific cod, and Greenland cod.

Widely consumed as food, cod fish has a mild flavor and white, flaky flesh. High nutritional values and health benefits can be found in cod liver oil. Natural sources of many nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) and vitamins A, D, and E, can be found in cod liver oil.

Dolphin (Mahi mahi) – Parla/Avlis – பர்லா/அவ்லிஸ்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Dolphin (Mahi mahi) fish in Tamil is called Parla meen.

This species of surface-dwelling ray-finned fish is widespread throughout tropical and shoreline temperate waters. Dolphin fish belongs to the family Coryphaenidae of species C. hippurus.

Emperor fish – Valai Meen – வலாய் மீன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Emperor fish in Tamil is called valai meen. Lethrinus miniatus is the scientific name for emperor fish, which is a member of the Lethrinidae family. Emperor fish are primarily found in the Western Pacific and Australia Oceans in coral reefs and moderately warm waters.

Halibut fish – Potha – போத்தா

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Halibut fish in Tamil is called “Potha” “போத்தா”. The right-eye flounder family, which includes halibut fish, is represented by the genus Hippoglossus. The Atlantic halibut is known as the world’s largest flatfish.

Hilsa fish – Pulasa/Ulla – புலாசா/சேவா

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Hilsa fish is called Ulla/Pulasa in Tamil.

Ilish fish, also known as ilisha, hilsa, and hilsha herring, is the more popular name for the Hilsa fish. It belongs to the genus Tenualosa of family Clupeidae. The national fish of Bangladesh and the fish of West Bengal is the hilsa.

King fish/Seer fish – Vanjaram/Neimeen – வஞ்சிராம்/நெய்மீன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Tamil speakers refer to kingfish or seer fish as “Vanjaram” or “Neimeen.”

The Indo-Pacific king mackerel, also known as seer fish, is a fish that lives in the Indian Ocean and nearby seas. Seer fish, which is a member of the Scombridae family, is officially known as Scomberomorus guttatus.

Ladyfish – Kilangan – கிலங்கன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Ladyfish in Tamil is called Kilangan (கிலங்கன்). It belongs to the family of ray-finned fish known as the Elopidae, which only has the living species Elops. Numerous common names for this fish include skipjacks, jack-rashes, and tenponders.

Mackerel fish – Ayala/Kannangeluthi – ஆயிலாய்/ கண்ணங்கெலுதி

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Mackerel fish in Tamil is called Ayala or Kannangeluthi.

It belongs to the scombrid family of order Perciformes. Various common names for the Indian mackerel fish, including Pelaling in Malaysia, Bangdo in Konkani, Bangda in Marathi, and Kajol Gouri in Bengali

Due to its high nutritional value and beneficial effects on health, mackerel fish is a great source of vitamin B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are vital for human health.

Mullet fish – Madavai kendai/Velisa/Surada – மாதவாய் கெண்டாய்/வெலிசா/சூரதா

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

The Tamil names for mullet fish are “Madavai kendai,” “Velisa,” or “Surada.”

Its scientific name is Mugil cephalus. A family of ray-finned fish known as the greu mullets inhabits temperate waters all over the world. Due to its delicious taste and high nutritional value, it is consumed on a large scale as food in various parts of the world.

Murrel (Snake head fish) – Aviri – அவிரி

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

The Tamil word for murrel fish, also referred to as snake head fish, is Aviri ().

It goes by the names chevron snakehead, common snakehead murrel, and mudfish. Most of this fish species can be found in South and Southeast Asia. It’s a freshwater fish that lives in ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Pabda fish – Silai valai – சிலாய் வலாய்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Pabda fish in Tamil is called Silai valai (சிலாய் வலாய்).

It is a species of freshwater catfish that can be found primarily in clean ponds, paddy fields, and lakes. Mainly found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Indonesia are pabda fish.

Parshe Fish/Perch – Kilichen – கிளிச்சென்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

The parse fish, also known as the perch, is known in Tamil as Kilichen. Basically, Parshe mach is the Bengali name of Mullet fish.

Pomfret fish – Vavval/Roopchanda/Aeri – வவல்/ரூப்சந்த்/ஏரி

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Pomfret fish in Tamil is called “Roopchand” or “Vavval meen”.

Pomfrets fish belongs to the Bramidae family and Perciformes Order. The 20 species of pomfrets that have been discovered are divided into seven genera. Due to its greater health advantages, this is consumed as food and is constantly in demand.

Red Snapper (Jobfish) – Kalavai – கலாவை

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

The red snapper, also known as jobfish, is known as kalavai in Tamil.

The Lutjanidae family of ray-finned fish includes the Red Snapper species. It is native to the Atlantic and pacific Oceans. Diverse snapper species, including mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, lane snapper, and dog snapper, do emerge.

Rohu fish – Kannadi Kendai – கன்னடி கெண்டாய்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Rohu fish one of the most popular fish in India. Rohu fish is called Kannadi Kendai in Tamil language.

Rohu fish is also known by rui or roho labeo. It is a member of the carp species family and is primarily found in South Asia. Because of the high demand for this fish in fish markets, it is typically raised in artificial ponds. India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are the main production countries for rohu fish.

Salmon fish – Kaala Meen – காலா

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Salmon fish is called Kaala meen (காலா) in Tamil. Indian salmon fish are referred to as “kaaLa meen” in Tamil.

One of the most adored and widely consumed fishes worldwide is salmon. This fish, which is native to North America and is primarily found in the Atlantic Ocean, is also known as Atlantic Salmon.

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B-12 are found in salmon fish, which is a very important source of these nutrients. Omega-3 acids improve heart health while B-12 strengthens vision health.

Sardine fish – Mathi/Veloori/Challai – மத்தி/வேலூரி/சல்லாய்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Tamil names for sardine fish include “Mathi,” “Veloori,” and “Challai.”

Sardines, also known as pilchards, are a group of tiny forage fish belonging to the Clupeidae herring family. Although sardines are primarily used as bait or prey fish, people also enjoy eating them.

Sea bass fish – Bekti – பெக்தி

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Sea bass fish in Tamil is known as Betki (பெக்தி). It is a catadromous marine ray-finned fish species belonging to the Lateolabracidae family. This fish is valued commercially and is most well-known as a sport fish.

Sole fish – Naku Meen – நகு மீன்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Sole fish is called Naku meen (நகு மீன்) in Tamil. The Soleidae family includes fish with flat bodies, including the sole fish.

Tilapia fish – Jilapi/Kari – ஜிலாபி/கரி

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Tilapia fish in Tamil is called “Jilapi” or “Kari”. The term “tilapia fish” is a colloquial term for a number of cichlid fish species. Freshwater fish known as tilapia are important for aquaculture and aquaponics and can be found in rivers, lakes, or ponds.

Tuna fish – Soorai Meen – சூராய்

What Is Mackerel Fish In Tamil?

Tuna fish in Tamil is called “Soorai meen” “சூராய்”. Tuna fish belongs to the Thunnini tribe of Scombridae family.

A saltwater fish with a very high commercial value is the tuna. Protein and other minerals like selenium, potassium, and zinc are both abundant in tunas. Additionally, it has high levels of EPA and DHA, which are Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid constituents.

What is mackerel fish called in India?

Omega 3 and selenium-rich Indian Mackerel, known as Bangda, are excellent for your cardiovascular health.

What is the local name for mackerel fish?

The Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) belongs to the order Perciformes’ family Scombridae, which is a family of mackerel species. It is frequently found in the seas surrounding the Indian and West Pacific oceans. It is a significant fish for human consumption and is frequently used in South and South-East Asian cuisine.

Saba is a variety of mackerel that has a flavor that is rich and oily and has several health advantages.

A number of different species of pelagic fish, mostly those in the Scombridae family, are commonly referred to as “mackerel.” They primarily reside near the coast or offshore in the oceanic environment, and are found in both temperate and tropical seas.


What is mackerel fish called in India?

Other names for Indian Mackerel include Bangada, Kembung, Aiyla, Aiyla Meen, and Bangude. The Western Pacific and Indian Oceans have shallow waters where you can find this fish.

What is Spanish mackerel Tamil?

This fish, known as “Vanjaram” in Tamil Nadu, is typically the priciest one to be had. In Kerala, it is called “Neymeen”. In southern coastal Karnataka and northern Kerala, it is known as “Aiykoora.” In Sri Lanka, it is known as “thora”.

What is mackerel fish?

More than 30 species of pelagic, or midwater-dwelling, fish in the Scombridae family go by the name “mackerel.” Their flavor intensity is frequently compared to that of salmon, where light seasoning is frequently advised to let the fish’s flavor stand out.

What is salmon fish in Tamil called?

The name of the Indian salmon fish is “Kaala Meen” in Tamil. Salmon fish in Tamil is known as Kaala Meen. Salmon fish is referred to locally as Kaala Meen in Tamil.

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