What Is Singapore Fried Noodles?

It is the name that foreigners use to describe how Singaporeans prepare their rice vermicelli. Singapore noodles are not available in Singapore, but they are available in Chinese restaurants, particularly Cantonese restaurants, abroad.

Therefore, when Singaporeans travel to countries like the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and the UK, they will be somewhat perplexed to see that there is one stir-fried dish bearing their country’s name. It is one of the frequently served dishes at Hong Kong cha chaan tengs.

Locals refer to rice vermicelli as bee hoon, mee hoon, thin rice noodles, or mai fun, which is how the two Chinese words with the same meaning,, are pronounced in various dialects. It is a type of street food that can be found throughout the entire city. Most Asian grocers should carry this variety of noodles.

Singapore is famous for its food. A small island city-state with only 739 people has 38 starred restaurants, according to the MICHELIN Guide Singapore. 1 km square.

But on the other hand, rice vermicelli is a type of street food. So isn’t it worth it for us to try?.

If you’re wary of eating food from carts, you might be shocked to learn that Liao Fan Chicken Rice Noodle Shop by hawker Chan only received one star in the 2017 MICHELIN Guide.

The name “Singapore noodles” refers to the fried rice vermicelli that Singaporeans make. This recipe closely replicates the method used by local hawkers to prepare noodles in Singapore, as opposed to the foreign version, which calls for curry powder.

Finding the Right Noodles

Making successful Singapore noodles requires using the proper rice noodle in the cooking process. There are most likely dozens of different brands and sizes of rice-stick noodles (also referred to as rice vermicelli noodles) in every Asian supermarket in your area. Although having a wide range of options is beneficial, it can also be confusing. A thin rice noodle that can withstand the heat of the wok and the motions of stir-frying without breaking into tiny pieces is what you need.

What Is Singapore Fried Noodles?

A rice-stick noodle marked “kong moon” on the label is the best for this. Chinese city Kong Moon, also known as Jiangmen, is located in the Guangdong province. A few companies produce kong moon-style rice noodles. My personal favorite is Double Swallow, but others will work as long as they bear the “kong moon” label.

Look for rice-stick noodles with only water and rice listed as ingredients if you can’t find this kind. I find that some noodles made with tapioca flour are a little bit too starchy for stir-frying.

When you have your noodles, preparing them is fairly straightforward: cover them with enough hot, boiling water to cover, and let them sit for five minutes. Then rinse under cold water and drain in a colander.

Is Roast Pork, Ham or Chinese Sausage Traditional?

Your choice of protein will depend on your preferences, what is available, and perhaps the chef’s preferences at the restaurant you frequently eat at. The majority of restaurants, we discover, use julienned Chinese roast pork and char siu. These restaurants usually also offer roast pork on their menu. You’re prepared if you’re like many of our readers who have already tried our char siu recipe and keep some in the freezer for situations like this.

Another excellent option is Virginia ham from the deli counter because it’s so practical. You seldom see it in restaurant versions, however. Lastly, you could use Chinese sausage. When we photographed this recipe, we used char siu, and when we filmed the video, we used ham, but if you have it on hand and enjoy it, go for it!

Adding Meat and Veggies to Singapore Noodles

What Is Singapore Fried Noodles?

Singapore noodles almost always contain shrimp and char siu. In front, next to other popular items like roast duck and soy sauce chicken, most Chinatown barbecue joints and noodle shops will have char siu hanging by hooks. You should cut the char siu yourself into thin strips, so request a half of either the fatty or the lean variety. If you can’t find that, get a nice thick piece of ham steak and slice it thinly instead. Ham is just as popular in Singapore noodles as char siu.

What Is Singapore Fried Noodles?

Onions, bell peppers, and carrots are typical vegetables, but you can also include celery, bean sprouts, and snow peas. When stir-frying vegetables, it’s important to focus on a variety of colors and to ensure that the vegetables retain some crunch.


What does Singapore noodles taste like?

Instead, the recipe was developed in Hong Kong sometime after World War II by Cantonese chefs who were eager to use curry powder, which had recently arrived in the southern Chinese pantry via British colonies. The dish’s name, “Singapore noodles,” is a reference to both city-states’ cosmopolitan cultures.

How would you describe Singapore noodles?

Love Slimming World Singapore Noodles (1 serving) contains 14. 7g total carbs, 12g net carbs, 0. 7g fat, 7. 3g protein, and 92 calories.

What’s the difference between chow mein and Singapore noodles?

Sodium. Singapore noodles are a high-sodium dish despite being low in calories and fat and a good source of fiber and protein. A 1-cup serving contains 312 to 800 milligrams of sodium.

Why is it called Singapore noodles?

Singapore noodles taste similar to Lo Mein or Pad Thai, with the exception that curry powder is stirred into the sauce, making it slightly spicier, saltier, tangier, and sweeter. Even without a creamy sauce, the flavor is incredible even though it isn’t as saucy as a Thai curry sauce.

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